20 Products to Treat Those Mom Aches and Pains

Motherhood is full of many, many things – worries, stress, love, wet kisses, overwhelming schedules, an incredible increase in mental workload, and on and on and on. But the thing that most mothers tend to push aside and fail to address? The pain.

Motherhood hurts, and in a very literal way. From the onset of pregnancy to toting around a newborn in a car seat with a diaper bag on the other shoulder to carrying that toddler around on your hip – it hurts. Your legs, your back, your shoulders and arms, every part of your body takes a hit (and, ahem, getting older does not help).

We tend to push these aches to the wayside because, let’s face it, there are bigger matters at hand. But, our bodies are the things that make all the rest of it work and it’s extremely important to put the care of ourselves at the top of the list. Little things – like comfortable shoes and slippers, a good bra, bath soaks, and heating pads – can feel reformative to our bodies in a big way.

Let’s not push our health priorities more than we already do. After all, we only have one body and our babies need it to be in good health just as much as we do.


Detox 5 Salt Bath Soak

The Organic Pharmacy

Skin Brush



321 Strong

Foam Roller

Urban Outfitters

Huggable Cooling + Heating Pad

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Microwavable Comfort Wrap

True and Co.

True Body Lift Scoop Neck Bra


Morgan Quilted Diaper Backpack

Mount Lai

Gua Sha


Personalized Vitamins


Sleep Calming Tea

Vital Proteins

Collagen Peptides


Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel


Restore Strong Back and Core Kit

Make Lemonade

Foot Bath


Soothing Salve


Aloe Vera Nursing Pads

Health Priority Natural Products

Vitamin E Oil


Sleep Set


Nursing Bra

What are your favorite products to treat pesky aches and pains? Share in the comments below. 

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