She’s the seasoned mom, the new mom, the expecting mom.

She’s trying to become a mom. Fierce, smart, always multi-tasking.
She is passionate about life, her family, and her own self-care.

She wants to learn new things and seeks advice on everything
from vacation planning to sleep training to prioritizing time for herself.

She’s the working mom, the stay-at-home mom;
She needs a bit of guidance, she wants to be inspired.

She is The Everymom. This is for her.

About The Everymom

Over the past six years, The Everygirl Media Group has grown to become a household name in online media, providing millions of women around the globe with a daily dose of inspiration and guidance.

We’re excited to begin the next chapter as many of our readers embark on the journey of motherhood – while still trying to balance a cultured, experiential life.

By offering detailed in-depth features, career profiles of working moms, relatable first-hand stories, budget-friendly shopping lists, and how-to guides, The Everymom inspires mothers and moms-to-be toward leading a well-rounded, financially sound, and stylish life.

Alaina Kaczmarski

cofounder + editor

A Chicago native, Alaina graduated from the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University in 2008 with degrees in magazine journalism and psychology with dreams of being an editor in New York City. Not quite able to afford the Big Apple living costs, she packed a U-Haul and headed to D.C. with stars in her eyes and not a single connection to call on. She found her first job the old-fashioned way: a newspaper ad and a solid interview. After a year at a children’s advocacy NPO, Alaina headed home to the Windy City and moved in with her mom. A few months later, unsure of what direction her life would lead, she started her blog, Live Creating Yourself, and began writing about everything she loved.

Before long, she met fellow blogger Danielle Moss and the two shared a goal of creating something to inspire women like themselves, who had endless dreams but no idea where to begin. With a minuscule budget but impressive work ethic, the new friends launched The Everygirl in February 2012. Last year Alaina was named 20 In Their 20s by Crain’s Chicago Business.

Alaina is mom to Henry, born in May 2018. 

Danielle Moss

cofounder + editor

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Danielle graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Sociology. She went through most of her her 20s feeling unfulfilled working jobs in PR and Entertainment, and started her blog Breakfast at Toast in 2007 with the hopes of documenting her life and finding a little inspiration. She studied code and photoshop, redesigned her blog, and months later, found herself running her own graphic design studio specializing in custom blog design.

Once her business became more established, she realized it was time for a change and after spending 3 days in Chicago in 2009, packed her things and along with her rescue dog Buddy, decided to make Chicago her new home in 2010. Danielle designed thousands of blogs for clients around the world and grew her monthly readership to over 70,000 readers, but something was missing. She felt there was a void of relatable, attainable content online and teamed up with Alaina to launch The Everygirl in 2012 and The Everymom in 2018. In 2017, Danielle was featured on

Danielle is mom to Margot, born in July 2018. 

Kathy Sisson

Contributing Editor

Gabriela Garcia

Contributing Editor

Gabriela is a Chicago based writer, mom of two, and founder of Modern Brown Girl. She loves to cook food that her children don’t eat and pretends to be a bibliophile when in reality she’s a Bravo tv and chip addict.

Abby Baric


Having lived in both London and Chicago she loves discovering how different women navigate motherhood. Her one-year-old son has taught her to go with the flow, that kids play with everything you don’t want them to, and that moms are superheroes with important stories to tell.

Rachel Dorton

Former Managing Editor

When she’s not wrangling her 2-year-old son, Henry, she loves to share all the advice she learns along her motherhood journey with anyone who will listen.

Ojus Patel

Senior Content Editor

When not chasing her two boys, Arian (5) and Shea (2), Ojus loves to write about the layered complexities of motherhood. She lives on tacos and daydreams, just like her boys.

Jeannine Benoit Adams


Jeannine is the founder and CEO of Ready Pretty, an online wardrobe styling service. She lives in Chicago with her husband and son.

Victoria Greenwald

Former Editorial Assistant

Although not yet a mom herself, she spends her days snacking on kiddo faves (hello, Pirate’s Booty) and texting her own mother for life advice.

Julia Dellitt


Julia Dellitt is a Midwest-based writer—and mom of a toddler, plus a baby on the way—whose work has been published by, Lifehacker, BRIDES, Aaptiv, Work + Money and more.

Erica Gellerman


Erica is a CPA, MBA, and founder of The Worth Project, a site that provides financial education and inspiration for women. She currently lives in London with her husband Jordan and son Henry.

Lizzie Goodman


Lizzie Goodman is an editor and writer specializing in pregnancy, child development, and parenting. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two young daughters in a funny old house filled with books.

Erin Strybis


Erin Strybis is a writer/editor based in Chicago. When she’s not working or chasing her toddler, she loves to practice yoga or get lost in a good book.

Madeline Galassi

Editorial Assistant

Danielle Moss


Danielle is the co-founder and co-owner of The Everygirl and The Everymom. She is mom to six-month-old Margot.

Alaina Kaczmarski


Alaina is the co-founder and co-owner of The Everygirl and The Everymom. She is mom to Henry, eight months old.

Valerie Barro


Valerie is a freelance marketing consultant,  business professor, fitness addict, whisky lover and mom to one-year-old Benjamin.

Christina Huynh

Assistant Editor

Christina is The Everymom’s Assistant Editor. She’s a 20-something who believes dreams are meant to be chased, life is meant to be loved, and that her mom was right about everything.

Katie Adams


Katie Adams is a thirty-something, full-time marketer and mom who lives in the Chicago Suburbs with her husband and toddler son.

Kristina Lynne

Designer & Lifestyle Blogger

Kristina is an interior designer, blogger and house flipper, who is navigating the new world of motherhood with her busy son Jack.

Abigail Yonker

Assistant Editor

Abigail is an Assistant Editor with The Everygirl Media Group. While not a mom yet, Abigail does enjoy stocking her fridge full of foods usually favored by toddlers. Blue box mac & cheese for life!

Brigette Marshall


Brigette is an office-working mama of a rambunctious toddler and loves book clubbing, watching the Bachelor, and convincing her husband to cook for her.

Amy Senical


Amy traded in her corporate job and urban life for motherhood and the suburbs; she loves being Greta’s mama, but she’ll always be a city girl.

Deanna McCormack


Deanna McCormack is a Chicago-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle journalist, copywriter, and full-time Mom to her newborn son, Mats.

Nina Lai-Martin


A third culture nomad, wife and PR-Advertising exec on a career pause to focus on raising my Dubai-born, Chinese-Kiwi-Brit daughter, Olivia.

Leslie Antonoff


As a mom of two, soon-to-be three and a wife, Leslie Antonoff is a triple-threat; writer, television host, and entrepreneur.

Daci Platt


Daci Platt lives, writes, and asks a three-year-old if she needs to go potty in Minneapolis.