2018’s Best Babymoon Destinations

The concept of taking a babymoon with your partner before your baby arrives isn’t one that’s been around forever. But, if you really think about it, it’s a great idea. Pregnancy is often overwhelming for a lot of women — not only are you growing a human, but also trying to keep up with work, your health, endless doctor appointments, baby shopping and research, and your everyday life. There’s not always time to just sit and get excited about all the ways your life will soon change.

Babymoons give parents-to-be a chance an opportunity to relax and spend time reconnecting as a couple. Whether you love exploring city streets, taking in mountain views, laying on a beach, or getting pampered at a spa, there are amazing babymoon options available. And, since the CDC still recommends pregnant women avoid areas that are a high risk for the Zika virus, here are amazing babymoon getaway destinations that are all Zika-free.


If You Love Collecting Passport Stamps…Portugal.

Portugal has been considered a top international travel destination for the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s got it all — cliffside beaches, history and architecture, amazing food, and tons of culture. And, the drive from Lisbon to Lagos is said to be one of the most picturesque in the world.


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If You’re The Laid Back Type…Monterey, CA. 

Monterey, California may not be far from home, but it’s definitely got its own awesome vibe. It’s considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the US, and fresh food, relaxing beaches, and quaint beach-town charm all Monterey’steray’s appeal. Whether you want to go whale-watching, wander along Fisherman’s Wharf, or just sit by the sea, Monterey will definitely not disappoint.


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If You Love Lush, Green Scenery…Ireland.

Ireland is famous for its lush, rolling hills and green meadows making it a great place for long, leisurely walks and impromptu picnics. Even better, many of the resorts or inns have special babymoon packages that include spa services and five-course meals. And, there are not many other locations where you can stay in an actual castle.


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If You Want Close-To-Home Tropics…Bermuda.

Not only is Bermuda just a short flight off the coast of the US, it’s an incredible beach destination. With pink sand beaches and crystal-clear water, relaxing will come easy. Bermuda also has a vibrant British/American culture, making it fun and fresh, even though it’s so close to home.


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If You Prefer Relaxing In The Mountains…Asheville, NC. 

Asheville is definitely becoming a popular US destination, and it’s a wonder it’s stayed under the radar for so long. Asheville boasts stunning mountain views, amazing sunsets, and a trendy food scene — great for couples who love to explore at a leisurely pace.


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If You Want The Quintessential Babymoon…Hawaii.

Hawaii is basically the best place for any sort of vacation. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it has a little of everything — beaches and mountains, cities and small towns, rich culture, and amazing food. If you can manage the six-hour flight off the western coast, Hawaii is probably the perfect babymoon destination.


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If You Love Desert Views…Sedona, AZ. 

The southwestern part of the US is known for its beautiful desert views and luxurious spas, and Sedona, Arizona is no exception. Sedona is visually captivating, and the many resorts in the area offer some of the most beautiful pools and spas in the country. Kick back with a mocktail after your massage and enjoy the sunset behind the gorgeous red rocks.



If You Are A Sucker For Small Town Charm…New England. 

New England is known for its adorable beach towns, and Ogunquit, Maine is one of the best. Take in the stunning, rocky coast, enjoy homemade ice cream downtown, and indulge in the best lobster roll of your life.


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Did you go on a babymoon? Why or why not? Where did you go? Share in the comments! 

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