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Finding the perfect managing editor for The Everymom was a tall order — she needed to be someone with industry and writing experience and, of course, real-life mom experience. Rachel fit the bill. She’s a powerhouse public relations and marketing exec (with a jaw-dropping resume), a mom to 2-year-old Henry (with some hilarious #TheEverymomGetsReal moments), and has that secret combo of dreamer and doer. She’s got her pulse on everything mom and is working to foster a community of support and wisdom through the Everymom.


Watch her introduce herself below, and read on for her journey to the Everymom and her most embarrassing mama moment: 



Name: Rachel Dorton
Age: 31
Current Title/Company: Managing Editor of The Everymom
Location: Chicago, IL
Education: BA in Corporate Communications with a minor in Business Administration from Elon University
Children: Henry, 2


How did you land at The Everymom?


I started my career in public relations and found my niche in the parenting space working on Huggies diapers, even though I had no kids at the time. I left the PR world to join children’s furniture brand The Land of Nod, which is now Crate and Kids. I managed all brand marketing including social media and influencers, public relations, content, and events.

My husband, Brad, and I had a little boy, Henry, and I found myself sharing all the parenting products and advice I learned along the way. I emailed Alaina and mentioned how I would love to freelance while she and Danielle were out on maternity leave. After a coffee meeting where we talked all about pregnancy and babies, I jumped at the chance to join The Everygirl to help launch and grow The Everymom.


Can you tell us about the transition to becoming a working mom and what surprised you the most about it?


When Henry was born, I was lucky to be working at a family-friendly company that offered three months of fully paid maternity leave so I was able to fully focus on Henry and our new family of three. I was also working for a mom who valued work-life balance and had been in the same situation herself. It made the transition to being a working mom so much easier because I felt supported and never felt bad for missing a meeting because of a doctor’s appointment.

On my first day back, I remember thinking how nice it was to be alone in the car but how much I missed Henry already. I think that paradox is the best way to sum up being a working mom. I miss Henry constantly but enjoy working and flexing my brain in a way that helps me be a better mom.


What’s your favorite part of raising your 2-year-old son, Henry, in Chicago? Any favorite local places?


The best part is having the whole city at our fingertips! We can go to the Lincoln Park Zoo (which is free), walk to Lake Michigan and stop by the Farmer’s Market all in one walk. We have explored a lot of museums in the area, and Henry’s favorites are the Shedd Aquarium and Kohl’s Children’s Museum in Northbrook. A few of our favorite kid-friendly restaurants are Summer House Santa Monica, Club Lucky and Crosby’s Kitchen.


When it comes to being a mom: what are you most insecure about and what are you most confident about?


I’m most insecure about messing something up! It’s such a huge responsibility to raise a happy, well-adjusted and thoughtful child in our crazy world. Now that Henry’s a little older, I try to tell myself that the french fries at dinner or five minutes of TV won’t change the person he becomes.

I am confident that Henry has a great support system to help him learn and grow. My husband and I are very present in the mornings, evenings and on weekends. We are so lucky that my parents live in Chicago and we spend a lot of time with them.


Most embarrassing mom moment?


I was just back at work and figuring out how to pump at the office (not easy!). I waited too long between pumping sessions and I leaked through my bra and had huge milk stains on my shirt. Luckily, I was wearing a jean jacket and it covered it up! From that day on, I made sure to wear nursing pads.


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