Found: The Best Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

We know our kids, and so we’re betting that, just like ours, your kids’ holiday wish lists are loooong and include some things you’ve never heard of (one of our editor’s future-paleontologist son asked for a fern from the dinosaur era, so count your blessings). But even once you’ve narrowed down their big asks to a few choice gifts, there’s still that last gift-giving tradition that we (too often) leave to the last minute: the stocking.

Stocking stuffers are the perfect little gifts that are small in size and low in price, just those extra goodies that you couldn’t help but pick up in the checkout aisle at TJ Maxx (we’ve all fallen prey to that aisle before). But, as small as they may be, stocking stuffers can be mighty – sometimes, finding just the right trinket to speak to your child makes the whole holiday that much more magical. If you’re still looking for those last, few stocking stuffers, here are some of the treats we’re putting in our kids’ stockings this year, with a few things for the grown-ups, too:


For the Babies

For the Kiddos

For the Adults

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