15 Easy, Healthy Kids’ Snacks

We all remember that ravenous feeling when we came home from school as a kid. After a day filled with running around the playground, learning your times tables, and making crafts, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to eat. So, it’s easy to run into the house and grab a not-so-healthy option from the pantry. We’ve all been there!

We’re making it easy on both mom and kid, rounding up easy snacks you can prepare for that post-school hunger (or when they just need a little somethin’-somethin’ before dinner!). These take minimal time, minimal effort, and minimal planning. You’re welcome, mama!


1. Greek Yogurt Bark


2. No-Bake, Healthy Chocolate Chip Blondies


3. Banana Sushi

Source: Eatwell 101


4. Sweet Potato Fries


5. Cinnamon Apple Chips


6. DIY Trail Mix

Source: The Bump


7. Apples and Peanut Butter

Source: Buzzfeed


8. Strawberry Yogurt Parfait


9. No-Bake Energy Bites


10. Frozen Yogurt Blueberries



11. Easy Homemade Apple Sauce


12. Banana Graham Crackers


13. Broccoli Cheese Bites


14. Strawberry Almond Butter Wraps


15. Trail Mix Bites

Source: Delish


What are your favorite snacks to make for your kids?