15 of Our Favorite Non-Candy Valentines

Candy and sweets are associated with every holiday ever…from Halloween to Valentine’s Day, and even birthdays. Now imagine you’re a parent to a child with food allergies. That is the reality for 5.9 million children in America, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re making a conscious effort to give cards and treats that everyone can enjoy. We rounded up 15 of our favorite non-candy Valentine’s. Read on for our favorite crafty ways to show your love this year.


1. “ExSTRAW Special” Valentine


2. “You Make My Heart Race” Car Valentine


3. Stamper Valentine


4. Star Wars Valentines


5. Kinetic Sand Valentine


6. “Love is In the Air” Balloon Valentine

Source: Eighteen25


7. Play-Doh Valentine


8. Heart-Shaped Crayon Valentine


9. Watercolor Set Valentine


10. Tiny Animal Valentine


11. Valentine Elastic Hair Ties


12. “You’re the Balm” Valentine


13. Printable Activity Card Valentine


14. “Bee” My Valentine


15. Bouncy Ball Valentine


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