Boost Your Post-Baby Body Confidence with These Finds

In the Instagram version of our world, your body bounces back the minute that sweet little baby enters the world. You see celebrities that had twins photographed on the beach in a bikini a month later. You read Facebook articles about moms who dropped the weight in a month just by breastfeeding. In real life, our bodies move at their own pace. Everyone’s metabolism is different. Everyone’s recovery is unique. And that is completely normal.

And then you add clothes to the mix. Accepting your still-changing body can be harder than finding something that fits. And because there’s no worse feeling than staring at your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear, we rounded up a few post-baby finds that got us through the 4th trimester and beyond.


Live In Leggings

3,000 reviews doesn’t lie. Available in XXS to XXL, these leggings suck you in all the right places. Wear them with a tee and light jacket for errands, or dress them up for 5 pm family dinner.


Lace Nursing Bras

Sometimes it’s what’s under your still-being-worn-maternity-clothes that makes you feel better. A little lace can help you feel like your pre-baby self. And bonus, they’re nursing bras with easy access for baby.


After Hours Sunglasses

There's not much time for makeup (or sleep) when you're a new mom. Sunglasses are key to looking pulled together on a few hours of sleep.

Shop Buru

Navy Shift Dress

Babies tend to spit up...a lot. Easy, washable clothing is the key to your sanity. Washable clothing is key. This dress can be dressed up or down and will quickly be a part of your wardrobe at any size.


Slip On Sneakers

Post-baby wardrobes are meant to be comfy (think leggings and sweatshirts). The same goes for shoes. Go for something casual like this slip-on.


Jean Jacket

This closet essential will work post-baby and beyond. Throw on your trusty jean jacket over a maternity dress that still fits, and you’re instantly ready for an early family dinner out.


Transport Tote

Tote bags are a mom's best friend for hauling all the baby stuff. This classic leather tote will last for years to come.

J. Crew

Striped Dress

Easy outfits are essential when you're taking care of a baby. Throw a stylish dress on and you'll feel pulled together with minimal effort.

Gillian & O'Malley


Cute pajamas can make you feel put together even when you’re tired and haven't showered in a few days. These Target pajamas are a knockoff of fancy Eberjey pajamas but are just as soft and wash well too.


Central Top

Flowy tops are perfect when you are in between sizes. Go for something with a classic stripe pattern like this Madewell shirt.

Old Navy

White Jeans

White jeans can be dressed up or down. This pair is well-priced so you won't feel bad getting rid of them in a few months when you're back to your normal jean size.


Highline Dress

This dress is technically maternity, but it can be worn post-baby too. We love the asymmetrical hem.