15 Diaper Bag Essentials Every New Mom Needs

My first few weeks as a mom were mainly spent at home. It was a combination of recovering from childbirth, learning how to take care of this tiny baby, and the stress and confusion of figuring out how to actually leave the house.

When I did leave the comfort of my home, I’d pack up every essential that might be needed. What if baby had not one, but two blowouts while we were out of the house? I’ll pack two spare outfits and five diapers, just in case. And what if she spits up on me and then on my backup outfit? I’ll pack two outfits for myself as well. It got a little bit out of hand, and even though I bought one of the biggest diaper bags available, it was somehow overflowing before we left the house.

Since those early days, I’ve greatly improved my diaper packing skills. Sometimes I can even get by with just a belt bag, but other times I do still struggle to get out of the house (which I suppose is my new normal as a mom).



After a bit of trial and error, I’ve figured out what the absolute essentials are. These items stay in my diaper bag at all times. If one item gets used during an outing, I’ll immediately replace it when I get home. That way I rarely find myself in a bind while out and about with baby.

Here are the items that are always in my diaper bag. And to make things easy, everything is available on Amazon!


Baby Wipes

Make sure to get the specific packaging with a snap closure to ensure there are no leaks in your bag.

Skip Hop

Pronto Signature Portable Changing Mat

This changing pad kit is a bit bulky, but holds everything you need for a quick diaper change. If this takes up too much space in your bag, look for a basic, thin pad (many diaper bags come with one).


Foaming On-the-Go Hand Sanitizer

You are likely to change an explosive diaper in public at some point. Prepare yourself with hand sanitizer.


Muslin Burp Cloth

Especially in the early days, your baby is probably going to spit up. A lot. These burp cloths are thin and won't take up precious diaper bag space.

Aden + Anais

Swaddle Blanket

Multi-tasking items are essential. These swaddle blankets can shade baby from the sun, can be used as a nursing cover, can be used as a burp cloth, and more.


Baby Sunscreen

This sunscreen is great for baby, but can also be used by mom if the sun is really shining.

Amazon Essentials

Women's V-Neck T-Shirt

Always have another shirt handy for you. With a baby, who knows what might end up on your shirt. Keep one of these black t-shirts rolled up in your diaper bag, just in case. Opt for a solid basic like black so it will match whatever you're wearing without much thought.

Burt's Bees

Unisex Pajamas

Along the same lines, an extra outfit for baby is extremely important. It only takes one time being stranded with a blowout and no spare to understand this essential.


Waterproof Wet Bag

If you're wondering where all of those post-blowout outfits are going, this is your answer.


Baby Milk Powder Formula Dispenser

These containers make mixing formula while out a simple and clean task. Also, be sure to pack your baby's bottle of choice.

Dr. Browns

Pacifier and Bottle Wipes

There is no drama quite like your baby's only pacifier falling on the ground. These wipes make it easy to quickly clean a paci and pop it back in.

Philips Avent

Soothie Pacifier

A fussy baby could always use a spare pacifier on hand.

Skip Hop

Pacifier Case

As you can see by now, your diaper bag is full of a lot of gear. Keep the pacifiers clean in this handy little case.


Baby Book

Keep baby entertained with a book they can't actually damage. These are amazing because they take up virtually no room in your bag but will keep baby's attention when out.


Silicone Teether

Yet another item that might keep your fussy baby occupied.