18 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Fall holidays are among our favorite, and Halloween is no exception – and of course, our kids feel the same. Costumes, spooky stories, tricks and treats, what could be more fun, right?

Well, here’s some more fun to add to the month-long celebrations. Halloween crafts are a super easy and fun way to get even the youngest kids involved in all the festivities. The best part is that most young kids find spooks and ghouls fascinating, not scary! These 18 easy Halloween crafts are cute, don’t require any obscure supplies, and offer options for every ability level.

Some of these crafts would even be great activities for that Halloween party you’re throwing – and, they’ll double as decor!

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1. Wonder Webs

Source: Parents


2. Coffee Filter Ghost Lollipops


3. Popsicle Stick Frankenstein


4. Yarn Wrapped Mummy


5. Tattle Monsters


6. Yarn Pumpkins


7. Paper Plate Candycorn


8. Tin Can Ghost

9. Cotton Ball Ghost


10. Vampire Corner Bookmark


11. Paper Bag Monster Puppets


12. Glow Stick Broomsticks


13. Paper Plate Black Cat


14. Halloween Door

Source: HGTV


15. Clothespin Button Bats


16. Paper Lanterns


17. Toilet Paper Bats


18. Spider Suckers