Free, Printable Back-to-School Coloring Pages for Kids!

back to school coloring pages

As the school year ramps up and the weather gets colder, you may be looking for more indoor activities for your LOs to do. Try one of our many back-to-school kids’ coloring pages!

We put together seven different themed-sets for kids of all ages to work on, whether you’re looking for some supplemental homeschooling supplies or just some rainy-day fun. They are totally free and printable right from your home computer. Get out those crayons, pencils, and markers for some at-home entertainment (and a little bit of learning, too!).

To Download: Click on the banners below, or use the “Click to Download” links underneath the banners to download each set. An automatic download should start. Double click the zip file to access each page included in the set.

Scroll down to download all of the coloring pages, and be sure to tag us on Instagram (@theeverymom) to show off what your LOs make!


Alphabet Coloring Pages

“Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you sing with me?” We bet your kids will be singing the alphabet song again and again while coloring these cute pages with outlines of all 26 letters from A through Z! With just three pages, this coloring set is perfect for little ones learning their ABCs and can be used as both a tracing tool to learn how to write letters and a practice in staying inside the lines as they color them in.

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Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Learn about farm animals with your kiddos—including horses, chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep!—as you doodle on this cute set of coloring pages labeled with each barnyard friend. Plus, you and your LOs can additionally practice associating each sound the animals make with their respective coloring sheet.

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Fantasy Coloring Pages

For the kid obsessed with rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, and crowns, they’re sure to love this set of fantasy-themed pages. Once completed, this set would make the cutest DIY art prints to add to a kid’s bedroom or playroom. Check out this recent Everymom article for creative ways to display kids’ art in your home!

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Number Coloring Pages

Working on counting with your toddler? This four-page coloring set features numbers 1 through 10 and is perfect for both tracing and coloring with your little one. For added fun, color in each number in a different shade of the rainbow to introduce your child to ROYGBIV, too.

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Shape Coloring Pages

No back-to-school coloring set would be complete without pages with shapes! Print out these worksheets adorned with squares, circles, stars, triangles, and hexagons to teach your children about different shapes and color them in together. As a bonus, the sixth sheet in this set features a mixed set of shapes—have your LO try to identify each one by name as they doodle!

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Safari Animal Coloring Pages

Lions, tigers… and monkeys—oh my! Our second set of animal-themed coloring pages takes kids on a safari to learn about animals including zebras, lions, hippos, monkeys, giraffes, and elephants. While coloring, teach your little ones about each animal—plus, the sounds they make!—and what type of environment they live in.

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