Hospital Bag Essentials for Bringing Home Baby

Second-time mom-to-be here. I’ve got a little one coming this Summer and the Type A personality in me is already starting to consider things like what to pack in my hospital bag. The first time around, you might say I overpacked. After reading article after article of what should be in my bag, I was more than ready to “go”.

As I prepare for the arrival of Baby #2, I’m a bit wiser on what actually happens this time around and plan to pack accordingly.

While there are of course personal extras you’ll add here and there, here’s my curated list of hospital bag essentials to get you ready to meet your baby!


Coming Home Outfit for Baby

This is the fun one. What’s baby wearing on his or her first day out into the world (or, let’s be honest, in the car and then immediately home). You'll take a million photos, and these onesies are classics.

Comfortable Underwear

The hospital will give you several pairs of disposable underwear (which, not gonna lie) I loved. But some people don’t. It’s always good to pack a few of the beloved "granny panties". You'll thank us later.


Having as many comforts of home as possible will make your hospital stay that much better. Bring your own pillow and pillowcase and throw it in the wash right when you get home.


I wish I had this with my first. It’s a little luxury that I think is worth it. A clean, all-your-own robe for post-birth is a nice way to feel a bit more comfortable and get out of that less than cozy hospital gown.

The Mom Washer

Anyone who's had a baby will tell you a squeeze bottle is necessary for the first few weeks. The hospital will give you one, but this one from Frida Baby has just the right angle and moms swear by it.

Change of Clothes

I remember finally taking a shower after the birth of my son, which was in fact, life changing. It felt great to be able to put on a fresh change of clean clothes for the day. I decided on jogger sweatpants (with an elastic waistband - stay away from anything tight fitting!), a white tee and my leather moto to leave the hospital.

Socks and Slippers

Creature comforts. Pack a pair of cozy socks with grippers on the bottom or backless slippers just in case you need to do a bit of walking the halls to encourage labor.

Flip Flops

The last thing a new mom needs to worry about is the shower floor when you're sore and tired and just want to get clean. These $4 flip flops can be thrown out without a thought when you're packing up to go home.


Your baby will live in a diaper, onesie and swaddle at the hospital. The swaddles the hospital gives you are iconic (the pink and blue that we all recognize) and easy to use. But, it's nice to have your own swaddle for visitors, pictures and going home.

Gel Nursing Pads

The first few days of breastfeeding are uncomfortable. You and baby are both trying to get the hang of things. These pads help ease the pain a bit.

The Little Things

Don’t forget all the extras like your toiletry bag with toothbrush/paste, deodorant, mini shampoo and conditioner, hair ties, lotion, extra contacts, and eyeglasses. Also, bring cash for vending machines, your cell phone charger, (and an extension cord), magazines and books, and photo ID.


And make sure you pack an extra bag! Bring it to the hospital filled with snacks, and bring it home with all the hospital is going to send you home with several baby goodies the hospital sends you home with. Don’t be shy to ask for any extras you think you might need those first few days at home. I had the sweetest nurses tending to me and my little guy and they sent us home with a giant bag of new baby necessities!


Tell us, what other must-haves are you packing in your hospital bag?