How to Look Put Together in 5 Minutes or Less

Mornings can be tough. Throw little ones into the mix and mornings can be a downright joke. As a mom to a now three-year-old (and another on the way) my hubby and I have dealt with our fair share of meltdowns, outfit changes and blowouts before 8 am. From wrangling diaper changes to brushing teeth, to sorting breakfast, getting out the door feeling your best self can sometimes feel like an afterthought.

That said, I’m a firm believer in ‘when you look good, you feel good’ – and some days you just gotta fake it til’ you make it. So for those mornings that are a bit more chaotic than others, I’m sharing five ways I look pulled together in five minutes or less. Seriously.


Add a Blazer to Polish Any Look


Pro tip: Adding a blazer, jacket, or top coat to any outfit will make you look more pulled together. Period. I pretty much never leave the house without one. Be sure you’ve got a few great staples in your closet to choose from, including a great jean jacket, neutral blazer, trench coat, bomber, and moto. Even over a basic tee, with jeans and flats, adding that additional layer can make all the difference.


Pointed Flats Dress Up Any Outfit

Source: Livvyland


This one is all about the shoes. Pay attention to what you put on your feet. It can add just the right amount of “look how pulled together I am”. Pointed loafers are a super chic way to liven up a look, while embellishments and pattern make a strong enough statement to spice up the most boring of outfits.


Pair Prints with Wardrobe Staples

Source: City Tonic


Speaking of pattern, one of my absolute favorite pieces ever, that continues to get me compliments after a good three years, is a fresh floral-print boyfriend blazer that I throw on with a pair of blue or black jeans and flats. While I love a good neutral, prints are an easy way to show confidence and polish when done right. The goal is to have a few outfit-makers in your wardrobe that are easy to wear and easy to mix and match.


Polish off Your Look With an Accessory


Why do we always forget a good accessory? Add a fun necktie (serious style points) a good statement necklace or perhaps fun earrings.  Nothing hides that fact that you’re running on caffeine and good eye cream like some fun baubles.


Master A Signature Hair Style


I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to makeup so I can usually squeeze in my routine of foundation, brows, blush, and mascara in no time.  That said, I always recommend mastering one good hair look for when you want to pull it together a bit more. For me, it’s a simple, pretty, face-framing braid that I can do with wet hair (bonus – it gives me the prettiest next day curls – hello time-saver!).  Teach yourself one quick and easy “hair look” that’s better than a messy bun for the days you are short on time.


Tell us all your secrets! Do you have another get-ready-quick tip to share? Leave us a comment!