Large Toys That Won’t Clash with Your Home Decor

Entering the journey into parenthood is always met with the best intentions. Perhaps you vow to avoid screen time at all costs — cut to your kid watching Frozen for the fifth time in 24 hours. Perhaps you vow that your home will always remain stylishly put together, with an innate flair that begs the question, “How does she do it?” — cut to your mother-in-law buying your child the biggest and brightest plastic Barbie Dream House that clashes with your thoughtfully put together decor. Yes, at some point your carefully curated home will start collecting an obscene amount of toys that your children will love, but your inner Nate Berkus will take offense to. Small toys are easy to toss into a beautifully woven basket, but large toys are the real culprit because they remain out in the open with nowhere to hide.

We’ve rounded up a collection of the most adorable large kid toys that will compliment any decor and provide hours of fun for your kiddos.


Play Mats


Toy Storage


Activity Centers and Gyms


Toy Kitchens

Source: Casey Leigh

Pottery Barn Kids

All-in-1 Kitchen




Creative Play