Our Editors Share What They Really Want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day might look a little different for many of this year—many of our family traditions and gatherings might be postponed, brunches will be canceled, and trips out as a family might be just to the backyard. This is OK. Setting aside a day to celebrate the moms in our life is still always a good idea.

Sharing love with the important people in our lives seems more important than ever—especially the figures in our lives who nurture us, care for us, support us, and allow us to grow into our greatest potential. This Mother’s Day, while your kids shower you with dandelion bouquets and scribbled crayon cards, don’t forget to take a moment to quietly soak in the warmth of their hugs and love. And then, don’t forget to reach out to all of the mother figures in your life—whether they be parents, grandparents, extended family members, neighbors, teachers, or close friends—and express your gratitude and appreciation.

We know it takes a village. Now, we also know that it takes a village even when the village can’t physically show up.

And because we can all use a little pick-me-up these days, our editors are sharing the treats they’d love this Mother’s Day.


An afternoon at the spa (when social distancing is over)

I was supposed to go on a girls spa trip in March, which of course is now postponed. I have no idea when we’ll be able to reschedule it, so in the meantime, I’d happily take an afternoon at a local spa. 


A morning free of responsibility

I would love to sleep in past 7am. Even on mornings where I give my husband a heads up that I want to sleep in and that he should take the morning shift, I still end up waking up the same time as everyone else. I could really use one morning where I actually sleep in or just hang out in bed, be lazy, and don’t need to make any decisions or do anything productive.


An initial or birthstone piece of jewelry

I don’t exactly know what I want yet, but it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mom and I’d love a piece of jewelry that has my daughter’s initials or birthstone—something dainty like a rose gold necklace or ring. For our wedding, my husband gave me an initial necklace from Zoe Lev Jewelry with my own (new) initials that I wear every day. I’d love something that would layer well with that piece.

Fresh flowers

I can always count on some fresh blooms to brighten my mood. Usually, I pick some flowers up on my weekly Trader Joe’s run, but we’ve been doing grocery delivery and flowers haven’t made the list lately. I’m not looking for a fancy bouquet, just something bright and cheery to stick in a vase in the kitchen.


A card

…with a heartfelt personal message. Actually, make it two cards: one that’s funny and one that’s sweet. I will never tire of reading over old cards and notes from the past and reminiscing on those moments. 


A really, really long nap

Like the whole afternoon. 

Breakfast in bed

…followed by the morning to myself with whatever book I’m into that day, a hot cup of coffee, and an even hotter shower. Just a quiet, relaxing break from the daily routine of mothering.


A cute migraine mask

As someone who regularly gets bad headaches, I’d love to upgrade my heatable eye mask to this beauty. I use it enough, and it’s so miserable when the headaches hit. This would bring the tiniest bit of joy–and much needed relief–during those moments.


A pretty floral vase

I absolutely love this vase from Monika Hibbs’ new home shop. Receiving this with fresh flowers in it? How lovely.

A special bottle of rose champagne

I am currently expecting our second baby, so alcohol is off the table for now, but I’d love a very special bottle to save for when the baby is born. I really enjoy spending an evening with my husband and just talking and sharing a great bottle of wine. It makes even staying at home in your pajamas feel special, and I know I will have it chilled and ready for those first few weeks at home.


A plant or tree we all pick out together

This is a tradition we started many years ago for my mom when I was a kid, and it’s something we now do for me. Last year, I got a beautiful white lilac and have been researching flowering trees for this year. If social distancing does not allow us to go in person, I have bookmarked The Tree Center as a great way to keep the tradition alive this year. 


Anything from Jenni Kayne

I am just in love with truly any and all pieces of Jenni’s. They are all an investment, but the quality and simple and classic lines of her pieces work well for my casual lifestyle and love of cozy essentials. My favorite pieces are the Sweater Coat, Slide Sneakers, and Shearling Mules

Maternity pajamas for warmer weather

I am due with our second baby in July and would love a pair of cute, comfortable pajamas to wear during the final months of my pregnancy and after I bring our baby home from the hospital. Since most of those early days are spent lounging around the house, it would be especially nice to have something cute (and cozy) to wear. 


A morning or evening (or an entire day) to myself

I feel like I’d be overshooting asking for an entire day to myself, but it’s been a while since I’ve had that. I’d love to sleep in and relax in bed for a few hours (yes, hours), then go to lunch with a friend, relax with a book, or do nothing at all. Any version of this scenario sounds lovely, but the thought of a free day and maybe even squeezing in a massage (once going out is a thing) sounds wondrous. 

A photo of my kids and me

There are so few pictures of my two girls and me, despite the many hints I’ve given my husband to snap more. Each Mother’s Day, though, he has to be my photographer without complaint until I get one cute shot. I usually love the outtakes too. 


A piece of art

I’ve been eyeing a few Etsy artists to either have a custom drawing of our home or a custom oil painting based on a photo we took at Lake Michigan during this extra time at home. I’m using Mother’s Day as an excuse to splurge on something custom and meaningful.


A little time to myself

Last year, my then 6-year-old said to me, “It’s Mother’s Day, Mom, that means we have to do EVERYTHING together.” I took it as a threat more than a compliment, but did manage to sneak away for a solo mani/pedi. Since escaping from home is more difficult right now, I’ll probably just take a solo walk around the neighborhood while listening to an audiobook or a podcast. So, as requested, we will probably do almost everything together this year. 

A countertop growhouse

After finally getting to the point where I am keeping houseplants alive for over a year in a house that gets basically no direct sun, I had grand plans to start a small summer vegetable garden with my kids. Given the current stay-at-home orders, it seems unlikely that we’ll be able to go and shop the local nurseries for all the necessary supplies to make this happen. I’d love to at least be able to grow some herbs for our meals, and in our current home, that’s only going to be possible with some sort of growhouse. There are really cute brass ones available, but really all I’m looking for is something to keep the dang plants alive long enough to eat them.


Alone time

Motherhood is thrilling, fulfilling, and exhausting. Motherhood paired with a global pandemic is … something else entirely. As an introvert, having everyone under one roof endlessly has been a trying and challenging exercise. My initial ask for Mother’s Day was going to be a solo night at a hotel, but this will probably be postponed for quite some time. What I will ask for is some time to myself—maybe just to sit outside in silence and listen to nothing but the swaying trees.