Our Favorite Planners for Keeping Your Family on Schedule This School Year

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school year planners
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When you have school-age kids, September feels like the start of a new year instead of January. Back to school means a whole new routine to get used to, and it will be your job, dear parent, to keep track of about 4,000 different schedules. We see your desire to keep it all in your head or jotted down in the Notes app on your phone, but sometimes there’s nothing like a good ole paper planner to keep you sane as you write down the appointments (and the games and playdates and meetings and dinners) that keep your family’s lives so sweet.

Whether you need minute-by-minute detail or prefer just a jot on your wall calendar, we rounded up the best school year planners for 2021-2022.


Daily and Weekly Planners

best school year planners
Simplified by Emily Ley

2021-2022 Daily Planner

This daily planner includes a page for each day with an hourly schedule and extra room for notes and to-do lists. Plus, it includes some helpful monthly simplicity tips to help you when it comes to planning your day-to-day life.

best school planners
CGD London

The Master Plan Planner

This cute planner has a unique layout that combines to-do lists, shopping lists, and expenses.

best school planner
Sugar Paper

Academic Weekly/Monthly Planner

This pretty academic school year planner will get you and your family through the school year from July 2021 to June 2022. It even includes bonus pages like a holiday list, notes page, bucket list, and two-page reference calendar.

best school year planners
Blue Sky

2021-2022 Academic Planner

This school year planner has tabbed monthly views to keep you more on track and three pages of notes in the back. Another benefit is that the front cover of the planner features a clear cover pocket for extra storage.

best school planners
Routine & Things

Weekly Planning Notepad

This planner will not only help you when it comes to organizing your weekly routines, but it will also remind you to make time in your week for self-care. Each week, there is a brain dump section, a place to list out your goals, and a weekly routine tracker.

best school year planners
Amy Knapp

2021-2022 Family Organizer

This planner is the perfect organizing tool for moms! Each month and week, it includes a new spread with space to write to-do lists or appointments. It also comes with four planner sticker sheets to decorate the pages and weekly inspirational quotes and prompts to keep you grounded and motivated!

best school year planners
Rifle Paper Co.

2022 17-Month Planner

This beautiful 17-month planner has monthly and weekly views with extra room for notes, a place to list out contacts, pocket folders for storage, and three sticker sheets! It spans August 2021 to December 2022.

best school year planners

17-Month Academic Planner

Filled with amazing artwork inside, this planner also has a ton of stickers, several note pages, encouraging messages, a coloring page, and fun quizzes to take!


Monthly Planners

best school year planners
Erin Condren

Mid Century Circles Outline LifePlanner

This monthly planner is not only cute but also super functional. At the beginning of each month, there are productivity pages leading up to the weekly spreads. This planner also includes four planning sticker sheets, a holiday and heritage sticker sheet, a folder, and a snap-in ruler.

best school year planners

Medium Monthly Planner

This planner is easy to travel with and use on a daily basis. There is enough space to put notes and plans in each square.

3 colors available

best planners
The Home Edit x Day Designer

2021-2022 Academic Planner Wirebound

This hardcover monthly planner includes thoughtful organization (like you'd expect from The Home Edit) to help parents feel less overwhelmed during the school year.

best school year planners
Blue Sky

2021-2022 Summertime Brights Teacher Planner

This is an amazing planner for teachers who need a place for their lesson planning but also their personal responsibilities. This planner includes a snap-in ruler/bookmark, extra notes, and a double-sided storage pocket.


Wall Calendars

best school year planners
Pottery Barn Teen

Iridescent Calendar

Dry-erase boards are perfect to hang up in your house for the whole family to see. The iridescent finish makes it look more stylish and polished.

best school year planners
Amazon | ubrand

Gold Medal Frame Dry Erase Calendar

This inexpensive 14" x 14" dry-erase calendar has a modern gold finish and also comes with two magnets for notes.

best school year planners
Paper Source

2022 Tall On The Wall Calender

Plan ahead with this 2022 wall calendar, which features a section for to-dos, notes, and goals for each month.

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