Thanksgiving Kids Table Inspiration

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us, and if you’re hosting this year, you know there are approximately 10,000 things to do – there’s a turkey to cook, sides to make, and a table to prepare. If you’ve got more than a few kiddos coming to the Turkey Day festivities, a kids table will definitely be in order.

Rather than just sticking them at the fold-out card table in the living room, here are some easy and lovely, kid-friendly Thanksgiving tablescapes to make sure your kids have just as much holiday fun as the grownups (probably more, once you see these coloring pages).


For the mom who… lives for the fall aesthetic.


For the mom who… wants to involve her kiddos in the decorating.


For the mom who… loves the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Source: Oh Happy Day


For the mom who… wants to bring the outdoors in.


For the mom… with kids who love outdoor critters.

Source: Julie Blanner


For the mom who… is all about festive florals.


For the mom who… knows crayons are the way to her kids’ hearts.


For the mom who… wants to encourage conversations about being grateful.


For the mom who… knows just how to keep them occupied.


For the mom who… is a minimalist but still loves the holidays.


For the mom who… wants to make a gratitude tree the center of the day.

Source: HGTV


For the mom who… knows her kids are coloring on the table either way.


For the mom who… can’t say no to two turkeys.


For the mom who… knows dessert before dinner is always a winner.

Source: HGTV

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