The Everymom’s Summer Gear Guide for Kids

Last year, the mom interwebs were abuzz with heartfelt articles about how we only get 18 summers with our kids — you know, really putting on that extra pressure to make every sunshiny moment count. If you’re a mom, you know how quickly time flies. Your babies are constantly changing. From infants, they are soon smiling, crawling, and wobbly walking. Toddlers are suddenly expert negotiators and daring explorers. Kids become real people and it’s (usually) a treat to witness their personalities coming out.

As they say, the days of motherhood are long, but the years are short. With summer days being extra long, we want to make them a little extra fun and extra easy for you (see below: water table.) Since summer magic is often made of experiences, our editors pulled together our summer gear guide with some tried-and-true favorites and some fun new finds. We’ve gathered options for the kids who love building sand castles at the beach or in the backyard sandbox, tots who love crafting or bug-hunting, or babies who are just learning to sit or stand and can hang out on a shaded blanket or stand for hours (literally) splashing at a water table.

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