The Everymom x Minnidip: The Perfect Inflatable Pool Collaboration for Your Summer Fun

The two of us became huge fans of the Minnidip pools for adults and kiddos as soon as we saw them last summer. The designs are the greatest of any inflatable pool we’d ever seen, and the fun, large size also fit adults, making it a great fit for the whole family. And even more amazing, Minnidip started offering perfect baby-sized pools with padded bottoms for little ones to enjoy safely. We both immediately purchased them for our own homes to enjoy in the warm summer months.

Before long, we learned that Emily, the founder of Minnidip, was a local Chicagoan, as well. We met up for coffee to chat and talk business and get to know one another, and before we knew it, we were in talks to partner on a co-branded pool design for Summer 2020!

The designing process was easy: we immediately went to our favorite patterns of stripes and dots with a solid dose of fun summer color and uplifting sayings done in hand-lettering by our in-house graphic artist. So without further ado, we are so excited to share our limited run of The Everymom x Minnidip and The Everygirl x Minnidip pools, which will be available to purchase starting at 12pm CST today, Tuesday, June 23!


Don’t wait—order yours today as inventory is very limited!



The Everymom x Minnidip

We’re thrilled to introduce The Everymom x Minnidip collab with a playful mint polka dot and black and white swiss dot combo featuring an inflatable mint floor with gorgeous “You Are My Sunshine” typography handcrafted by the TEM team. The Everymom is the expert in all things classic and beautiful for your little ones, and the pattern we created for this collab will have your little ones splashing in style all summer long!



The Everymom x Minnidip

Minni-Minni Luxe Inflatable Pool

The pool includes a padded, inflatable bottom to keep little bums comfortable and safe. Order yours today—inventory is very limited!


The Everygirl x Minnidip

We’re thrilled to introduce The Everygirl x Minnidip collab with this timeless “adult kiddie pool” featuring a classic black and white combo of swiss dots and stripes and a soft blush floor with gorgeous “Here Comes The Sun” typography handcrafted by the TEG team. The Everygirl is the quintessential trendsetter for all things elegant and timeless, and the pattern we created for this collab is exactly that: timeless.



The Everygirl x Minnidip

Luxe Inflatable Pool

This pool's larger size fits up to three adults and is perfect for older kids (ages 6+). Order yours today—inventory is very limited!



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