5 Outfits for Valentine’s Day Date Night at Home

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Although we’ve been kind of forced into Valentine’s Day dates at home this year, I’ve always been a big fan of at-home date night. I think there is something so cute and special about finding a fun activity to do together and just enjoying each other’s company in a relaxed setting (my personal favorite V-Day tradition? Heart-shaped deep dish pizza 😋).

Whether your Valentine’s Day this year involves cooking a meal together, ordering takeout, watching a movie, playing games, or some combination of those things, why not look cute and festive while doing it? I am a big proponent of getting into the celebration and wearing red, pink, purple, and hearts—because, although some people think it’s cheesy, I think it’s kinda precious that we have a whole day dedicated to love.

We’ve put together five mom-friendly Valentine’s Day outfits for your date night at home—and there’s something here for every activity:


1. For cooking a meal together

sweater (only $30!) / leggings / slippers / earrings / clip


2. For pretending like you’re going out

jeans (on sale) / cami / cardigan (only $20!) /

mules (under $50) / headband / necklace


3. For a cozy movie night

top / joggers (on sale!) / bralette (30% off) / slippers / earrings


4. For grabbing takeout

crewneck / jeans (under $50) / sneakers / hoops / necklace


5. For a fun game night

sweater (on super sale!) / pants / bralette / slippers / wine glass


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