Need a Mood Boost? Try One of These Trendy At-Home Manicures

If there’s one thing that helps me feel put together even when I’m far from it, it’s a solid manicure–the professional kind. That’s out of the picture for the near future, so I’m using this time for my nails to recover from the damage of too many back-to-back gel manicures to count.

Since I can always count on a fresh coat of paint for an instant mood-booster, I’m looking to the pros for some DIY inspiration now. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at DIY nails, this roundup of trendy manicures to try at home has something for every level.

If you’re up for taking on a challenge, you may need a striping brush or tape, a makeup wedge sponge, and some nail stickers. Falling into the beginner category myself, I’ll be sticking to some of the simpler options, like stick-on gels.

Scroll down to shop some of our go-to at-home manicure essentials and then check out eight nail trends and colors we’re loving right now. 



1. Pastel Rainbow

Source: Essie


2. Ocean Spray

Source: ManiMe


3. Ray of Sunshine

Source: OPI


4. Cheetahlicious

Source: Dashing Diva


5. Subtle Glitter

Source: ManiMe


6. Navy Half Dip

Source: Olive & June


7. Spring-fetti

Source: ManiMe


8. I Heart Summer

Source: Olive & June


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