Being a parent doesn’t come with an instruction manual to get you through the ups and downs—especially when it comes to kids’ health. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to helping your child thrive, we’ve brought you the next best thing: The Everymom’s Pediatric Health Guide in collaboration with the experts at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. We’re connecting you to leaders in the field and giving it The Everymom spin, highlighting key takeaways and empowering your next steps.


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You Asked, We Answered

pediatric health guide
What should I pack in a bag before appointments?

For your kiddo, pack a few of your child’s favorite things, comfort items, and activities for you both to do while you wait. If you’re heading to an appointment that doesn’t require fasting, bring snacks and juice to keep your L.O.’s hanger at bay. For yourself, pack snacks, a water bottle, a phone charger, a notebook and pen (or some device that you can take notes on), and books or tech to entertain yourself while you’re waiting. Read more tips on prepping for big appointments here

My toddler gets hangry... how am I supposed to get them to fast before surgery?

Giving your child something to eat right before their mandated pre-surgery fasting hours is a good idea. Going without food and drink is hard for children (and adults!). Minimizing the amount of time they have to go without eating can improve your child’s ability to get through a long day. Read more on how to prep your child for surgery here.

I'm pregnant and considering genetic testing. Am I a candidate?

As of right now, genetic testing is open to almost everyone experiencing pregnancy or hoping to become pregnant. It used to be offered only to pregnant patients 35 years of age and older, but with advances in the field, blood tests on pregnant patients can now be used to screen for conditions that may occur—even without a family history. Read more about perinatal genetic testing here.

I don't live in the Chicago area... how can I get connected to the experts at Lurie Children's?

Lurie Children’s Hospital has locations all over Illinois (as well as Northwest Indiana), but if you’re looking to get more tips from leaders in the industry, be sure to keep up with them via their blog, podcast, socials, and newsletter. With a commitment to educating, they work hard to get information to their community which extends far beyond the borders of Chicago.

How did the Lurie Children's x The Everymom partnership come to be?

As a team of moms from a women-led company born out of Chicago, it is our goal to connect our readers with relatable and practical parenting advice built on personal experiences and expert guidance. Many aspects of parenting can feel isolating and, especially with the uncharted territory that comes with kids’ health concerns, we wanted to help create a landing spot where you can get connected with leaders in the pediatric health space. Since partnering with Lurie Children’s in 2021, we’ve been able to cover it all: from common pediatric ailments like constipation to more intimidating topics like pediatric surgery and chronic conditions. All while keeping you, the mom on the other side of the screen, top of mind.

Explore all that Lurie Children's has to offer and find a doctor near you today!