Do You Live in Athleisure? Here’s Our Mom Uniform Favorites for Fall

I am so happy to be a mother in a time when athleisure is considered a style movement. In 2016, the term even earned its place in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” While I do have some workout clothes, most of my athleisure wardrobe investment is straight up for general use.

The comfy-casual vibe just works for mom life. Not only does a pair of quality high-waisted leggings help hold in the spots we need them to, but they also hold up to the stains, smells, and spills of motherhood. And comfy doesn’t have to mean frumpy with today’s range of options. We had so many choices as we narrowed down this roundup of athleisure favorites for fall to add to your mom uniform.

We included stylish sweatshirts ranging from cute and cozy to a little bit sexy. Plus, leggings for every budget, all tested by at least one of our editors here at The Everymom. And if you’re like us and want to buy everything on this list, at least you know your cost-per-wear is probably going to be pretty darn low.

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