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Source: @janetkwan via @thiswildheart
Source: @janetkwan via @thiswildheart

When my oldest son turned 2, I braced myself. After all, they must call it “terrible twos” for a reason, right?

Well, not quite. Sure, 2-year-olds come with a healthy dose of frustration, exasperation, and general OMG-ness. But if you were still learning about the grown-up world and absolutely nothing made sense, wouldn’t you too?

Year two in your little one’s life comes with incredible growth. You’ll often see a language explosion, gross and fine motor skills expand, potty-learning begin, and play skills develop at a rapid pace. It’s astounding to watch, and when you step back and think about just how much is going on in their little brains at once, all the tantrums and defiance make more sense, too.

If your kid is turning 2, get ready for hilarious conversations, much more involved play, and lots of sweet, sloppy kid hugs and kisses. As for what you’ll need? Leave that to us. Our favorite items for 2-year-olds are all gathered in one place so you don’t need to spend time looking—and they’re all Prime ready.


Toys for 2-Year-Olds

From toys to keep your little ones active inside or outside, to toys that encourage open-ended play and development, here are some of our favorites.

toys for toddlers
Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

The perfect toy to use inside in the winter and bring outside when the weather gets warmer. This sports play set includes space to climbing, crawl, slide, and play basketball.

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balance board
Little Dove
Wood Balance Board

This wooden balance board is the epitome of creative play; it can be everything from a seesaw to a tunnel to a bridge. Fun for the whole family, this toy can be used indoors and outdoors.

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roller coaster
Up & Down Roller Coaster

The Step2 Roller Coasters were sold out everywhere last year, but this year, they've added new characters to the mix, like this rainbow unicorn.

This is one of those gifts that you'll love for getting out the wiggles indoors this winter, and you can bring it outside when the weather gets warmer.

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toys for toddlers
Peaceable Kingdom
Monkey Around - The Wiggle & Giggle Game

Play this active game with little ones to help them learn gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imitation, and more!

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art easel
Deluxe Wood Easel

An art easel you won't mind having in your home, this timeless set-up includes spots for a paper roll, chalkboard, and more.

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toys for toddlers
10 Pack Case of Colors

Play-Doh may be polarizing for some parents (yes the dried crumbs can make a mess) BUT it offers endless options for sensory and open-ended play.

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toys for toddlers
Green Toys
Ambulance & Doctor's Kit

Doctor kits are a toddler favorite for check-ups on their stuffed animals—or their parents.

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toys for toddlers
Wooden Tool Box Set

Littles can practice their fine motor skills with this interactive and colorful wooden toolbox from Hape.

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Reusable Animal Stickers

Remember sticker books as a kid? This set includes 400 reusable stickers to make the fun last longer!

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Wood Toy Train Set

Perfect for little engineers, this cargo railway set will help toddlers get creative and understand their surroundings.

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Sensory Foam Puzzle Blocks

These eight inch foam building blocks come 18 to a pack and encourage STEM development.

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60-Piece Magnet Building Tiles

Fun and functional, these multicolored magnetic shapes will help with color and shape recognition while encouraging creative construction.

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Anna Llenas
The Color Monster

This special book helps teach toddlers about their emotions with 3D pop-ups on every page.

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toys for toddlers
Buckle Toys
Busy Board

Work on fine motor skills with this busy board including, zippers, snaps, and more.

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Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit

For mess-free coloring, look no farther than Crayola's Color Wonder line.

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Jessie Ford
ABC What Can She Be?

Teach little ones their ABC's while exploring the many careers they could grow up to have—from engineer to writer, neurosurgeon to software engineer, and more.

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plan toys
Plan Toys
Play Fruits and Vegetables

LOs can practice their fine-motor skills safely with Plan Toys Velcro-connected wooden fruits and vegetables.

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LEGO DUPLO Classic Brick Box

This classic set encourages open-ended building, perfect for your toddler's budding imagination.

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Puzzle Universe
6-Pack Wooden Puzzles

Take these little wooden puzzles on the go to help your toddler develop shape recognition and concentration skills easily.

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Bathtime Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Whether you have to coax your toddler into the tub or not, these favorites will keep bath time fun.

Bath Pipes Toy, Set of 5

These pipe building bath toys introduce kids to science and engineering concepts at bath time.

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Green Toys
Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Little ones will love loading and off-loading their vehicles with this ferry boat made from recycled plastic.

Also dishwasher-safe, so you don't need to worry about it getting moldy.

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Basketball Hoop Ball Set

Strong suction cups hold this basketball hoop in place for plenty of bath time fun.

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Warm Cuddles
Organic Bamboo Toddler Hooded Bath Towel

My kids love their critter hooded towels, like this soft and absorbant organic bamboo towel.

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Natural Bath Color Drops

Make bathtime for little ones even more fun with these non-toxic bath color drops, made in New Zealand. And don't worry, the color just rinses away, leaving no mess behind!

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Mealtime Essentials for 2-Year-Olds

You’ll find descriptors like “spill-proof” throughout this list because, well, they’re toddlers after all and manners may not be part of snack or mealtime.

3-Pack Divided Plates

Made from recycled milk jugs, Re-Play plates are perfect for little ones who appreciate some separation of their food. Plus they come in TONS of color combinations.

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sandwich cutters
Sandwich Cutters

Toddlers just tend to eat better when food is fun! Use these cookie cutters to make creative-shaped sandwiches, snacks, and more.

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4-Pack Straw Cups

Always have a kid-friendly cup on hand with these colorful options.

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kids water bottle
Spill-proof Water Bottle

This spill-proof bottle is easy to use and easy to clean. Best for kids who have already mastered a straw.

available in 14 patterns

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Toddler Fork, Knife and Spoon Set

Toddler-sized utensils can help kids feed themselves.

also available in green and blue

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2-Pack Sippy Cup

These cups automatically seal when your child stops drinking! Plus they have the dentist-recommended spoutless design.

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Toddler Feeding Stay-Put Bowl

This insulated stainless steel bowl keeps food warm while keeping baby's hands protected. Plus it has a silicone suction and top.

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Snack Catcher with Lid

Spill-proof snack cups are pretty much a toddler must-have. This stainless steel version includes a soft, BPA-free plastic top with soft flaps for little hands.

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Silicone Ice Pop Molds

Freeze juice, yogurt, fruit, or other healthy options in these popsicle molds to make snacking that much more fun!

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This article was originally published in January 2021. It has been updated for timeliness.

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