The Best Gear to Keep Active Toddlers Busy Inside This Winter

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After a spate of gray and wintry days in which I couldn’t persuade myself to go outside, I found both of my children sitting smack in the middle of the dining room table. “I just need to climb!” the little one shouted defensively. And I couldn’t even be mad because it was probably true.

The United States Centers for Disease Control doesn’t quantify how much physical activity a toddler needs each day–which, in my mind, means their need to move is insatiable. My 2-year-old can only sit still for so long before her little body is itching to jump, run, or explore. In the warmer months, I have no trouble obliging her, but come winter, I don’t want to spend my days outdoors. So this year, I’m looking to find a few indoor pieces that will keep my daughter bouncing, jumping, and climbing safely—without scaling my furniture. Here’s what I have in mind.


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