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10 ‘Just Because’ Gifts for Mom Friends Who Get the Struggle


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Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Having a mom friend that gets all the hardships of parenthood is a true gift. Nothing solidifies a friendship more than matching spit-up-stained pajamas and sleep deprivation. Who else is going to understand why your Google search history is filled with questions like “what does green baby poop mean?” Depending on who entered motherhood first, you may use each other as search engines instead because only another mom understands the confusion and stress that raising children entails. 

Regardless of being in different stages of mom life or having different outlooks on child-rearing, there’s one thing every mother can agree on: this is hard work. It’s work that never stops. Whether you have a day job or stay home with your littles, the demands are constant and often thankless. Your mom friends live it and get it. They understand why it may take you three business days to answer a text or that there is no such thing as “doing it all.” There is only trying our best.

Even though mom friends feel like coming home to a soft bed after a long day, they’re probably the friends you see the least. However, there are other ways to express you’re still there for them. When life gets too busy for that hour-long vent session you so desperately need, we’ve rounded up 10 gifts for mom friends to show that you’re thinking about them. 

gifts for mom friends, mommy time book
Monique James-Duncan & Ebony Glenn
Mommy Time

This one's for the stay-at-home mama who does it all with no days off. Mommy Time tells the sweet story of a mother's day from the POV of her youngest child. To her kiddos, that day is a happy blur of school and playdates, storytime, and bedtime. But Mommy’s time is filled with a whole lot more tiring work achieved with love in her eyes and care in her smiles. It's a wonderful way to show your stay-at-home mom friend that you understand and hopefully help teach her family empathy towards everything she does for them too.

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gifts for mom friends, the little milk bar
The Little Milk Bar
Milk Maker T-Shirt

Breastfeeding is no walk in the park. If you have a friend that's new (or a proud pro) in their breastfeeding journey, this fun t-shirt shows your support.

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gifts for mom friends, mug warmer
Mug Warmer

We can all collectively agree that microwaved coffee is perhaps the saddest way to start off your day—especially when it just ends up forgotten in the microwave half of the time.

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gifts for mom friends, photo book
Artifact Uprising
Instagram Friendly Photo Book

The ideal gift for the mom friend that's way too busy to print out photos of their family and much less put together entire photo books. Do it for her by creating a sweet collection of photos straight from her Instagram feed.

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gifts for mom friends, self care spa kit
Etsy | KateandBelleCo
Self Care Box

Let's be real—all moms could use one of these, but especially those who struggle to put themselves first. Help them take the time they deserve with a full spa kit.

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gifts for mom friends coffee cup
Etsy | DearPatienceDesigns
Tired Moms Club Cup

Does this one even need further explanation? We're all card-holding members of this club.

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gifts for mom friends, custom necklace
Etsy | Los Angeles Minimalist
Custom Name Necklace

Every mom needs a name necklace to represent their little one. This one has customizable chains and name fonts.

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gifts for mom friends, friend candle
Amazon | Calla Collections
"I Wish You Lived Next Door" Candle

This sentiment is applicable to all friends even if they live in the same city but hits hard for your long-distance mom friends.

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gifts for mom friends, mom affirmation journal
Paige Carlson
You're a Good Mom Affirmation Journal

Words every mama needs to hear. We always see the best in each other, but it's hard to acknowledge the good in ourselves—motherhood affirmations can help.

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gifts for mom friends, custom bookmark
Etsy | MiniMaximus
Personalized Bookmark

This is for the moms that stay up way too late finishing one more chapter of their after dark beach read even though they know their LO will wake up before the sun rises.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Candlewick Press, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.