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Simplify Your Morning Routine With These Highly-Rated Hair Tools and Accessories


Have you ever fallen in love with a hairstyle on Instagram and at the same time thought to yourself – ain’t nobody got time for that? Same. And I guess that’s parenthood in a nutshell.

But there are ways to get great hair without all the effort.

These tools and accessories are easy to incorporate in your everyday routine and require very little time or styling skills. And some cost less than a pack of diapers! Either way, they’ll get you that much closer to your dream hair, even if your kid will be the only one who sees it.


One-Step Hair Dryer & Hot Air Brush

If you have straight or wavy hair and don’t own a hot brush, do me a favor and run – don’t walk – to your nearest drugstore and buy one. It will change your life, I promise.

This brush, which I use when my hair is dry, frizzy, dirty, or uncooperative, can make your hair look like you just stepped out of a blow-dry bar. And that’s coming from someone (me) who still can’t figure out their curling iron. All you do is run this brush through your hair like a round brush, and it curls the end and smoothes the rest. Bam! Wavy hair and no scalp or fingertip burns.

One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush
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Rotating Curling Iron

Tools like The Beachwaver, invented by celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa, have a ton of hype – and for good reason. It has buttons that rotate the barrel so you can twist your hair onto the iron and release it into perfect waves. It looks complicated but isn’t at all, and the iron heats up fast, so no more waiting (really, what parent has three minutes to spare for something to heat up?).

It’s really no wonder the Beachwaver has been used to create the iconic waves backstage at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year.

The Beachwaver Co.
Beachwaver® Pro Line Rotating Curling Iron

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Microfiber Hair Towel

I know what you’re thinking, “A towel? Really?” But hear me out.

A wrap towel, like this one by Aquis, will make your life easier because it’s made of microfiber which reduces frizz. It’s also lightweight (and still super absorbent) and lessens the pull and breakage that happens at the nape of your neck when you use a full-size towel. Oh, and as a bonus, it wastes less water in the washing machine and is small enough to travel with!

Microfiber Hair Towel
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Diffuser Hair Dryer for Curls

For girls with curls, a diffuser is a great way to get the definition and eliminate frizz. A diffuser works by diffusing the air coming out of your hairdryer and distributing it gently throughout your curls as it dries.

It takes a little longer than a regular blow dryer, but the results are worth it because you’ll have smooth, bouncier curls and more volume (so, needing less time to wrestle with various products and sprays to tame your amazing curls). 

Bed Head
Curls in Check Diffuser Hair Dryer
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Instant Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are making a comeback, and if you’re a busy mom, you should definitely get on the bandwagon. I love that I can clip in these rollers and get on with whatever else I need to do that day (laundry, snack-making, etc.) instead of wasting time standing in my bathroom with a hot tool. The heat from these rollers is more gentle on my hair than a typical curling iron, so I don’t have to worry about long-term damage or those annoying flyaways.

Xtreme Instant Hot Rollers
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Boar Bristle Hairbrush

You might not think your hairbrush makes a difference in how your hair looks or behaves, but it does, and a 100% boar bristle brush, like this one from Ibiza, is the cream of the crop.

A boar bristle brush works to smooth and add shine to your hair without adding frizz. It also gently exfoliates your scalp and distributes the natural oils in your hair so you don’t get excess oil or product build-up.  Plus, it gives you hair that signature ’70s style fluffiness and can be used to tease up a ponytail. Win-win.

Boar Bristle Brush
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Spiral Hair Rings

Replace your cord elastics with these adorable plastic rings and you’ll never need to iron out any creases after a workout again. Plus, they look cuter on your wrist and won’t snap!

Hair Rings
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Dry Shampoo Paste

If you’re not already addicted to dry shampoo or are tired of your same-old spray, try R+Co’s dry shampoo paste. I use this paste before my hair gets dirty because it gives it volume and soaks up oil and sweat in real-time which keeps my hair fresher, longer. You can also use Badlands to create texture on your ends or give you a little extra grip to create your braids with.

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste
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