Andrew Kimler

andrew kimler
Andrew Kimler is a dad and an LA-based writer who hails from New York. A Sundance Fellow, he's written and developed content for Sony, Netflix, MTV, Funny or Die, Reddit, Quibi, and Intuit. His work has been seen on Comedy Central, Fox, Vox, NowThis, Fast Company, BarkBox, and Glamour Magazine. He's also been featured in the Emmy Award-winning docuseries {The And}.
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Education: SUNY Empire State College

About The Everydad

This generation of dads is doing it differently.

You want to raise a good kid, be a solid partner, and still have some time for yourself. It’s a lot, and it goes fast. From those first steps to packing the car for college, raising a good human is no (dad) joke.

So think of us as a group of dads just trying to figure it out. We’re all about tips, parenting hacks, and raising a glass to the guys who are redefining what it means to be Dad.