This Navy Nursery Is Anything But Traditional

I think I’ve decided that nursery tours are my favorite articles on this website. The little clothes! The special details! The cute quotes on the walls! To have an entire room dedicated to both beautiful design and immense love is just beautiful, and Dominika Selinger’s (you might know her blog, Le Petit Luxe) baby boy nursery is no different. Everything from her color scheme to her wallpaper to her glider was decided with intention, based on memories or hopes for her son, Greyson. We sat down with her to talk all things new parenthood (just guess where she was peed on most recently), how her travels have seeped into her designs, and the design trend that’s actually helpful for newborn development (for real!).


Name: Dominika Seliger
Location: Orange County, CA

Children (names, ages): 
Greyson, 3 months


What was your first job and how did you land it?


My first post-college job was working as a Digital Assistant Account Executive for the hospitality PR firm Bread & Butter PR. I was an intern there for a few months after graduating from college and was offered a position after my internship ended. My first job after culinary school was working for a catering company, and I landed that through an internship as well (that’s where my husband and I actually met!).


How would you describe your design style?


Modern with boho and global influences.


How do you find inspiration for your interior designs?


I love to find interior design inspiration when I am traveling. For example, inspiration from a trip to Spain or Italy inspired me to incorporate bold patterns and textures in my home, and a trip to Copenhagen inspired hygge decor in my living room. I also find interior design inspiration in my daily life, such as the ocean, cactus and succulent-rich landscape, or even urban street art. I feel like design inspiration is everywhere!


What was your original concept for your son’s nursery? Did it turn out as you anticipated? Did you have to make any adjustments along the way?


I wanted Greyson’s nursery to be whimsical but still fit in with the home’s modern style. I love bold patterns and statements, so the black and white speckled removable wallpaper was the start of the nursery inspiration. I created an online mood board with different colors, patterns, and products to help my idea grow. It was important that the design concept be playful and spark creativity for Greyson as he grew.

The nursery turned out better than I anticipated. The only adjustment I made was the addition of a wall shelf near the crib to hold the baby monitor camera and sound machine – we chose a fun decorative white cloud shelf so it fits into the design nicely.



This color scheme is so calming and lovely. Was there a particular reason you chose it?


My favorite color combination is black and white with a pop of color. After learning the contrast between black and white was great for a newborn’s visual development, I knew that color combination would be perfect for a statement wall. We visited Capri a couple of years ago and the color of the rich, deep blue water inspired me to incorporate indigo throughout my home design, and so I chose to carry the color into the nursery. The pop of indigo calms the contrast of the black and white speckled wallpaper nicely.


We’re so into all of your pattern choices! Which pattern did you decide on first? How did you combine so many patterns without them clashing with each other?


The first pattern I chose was the black and white speckled wallpaper. Since the wallpaper only dominated one wall, I was able to incorporate more patterns without making it feel too busy. The other patterns were kept in the same indigo color family to keep the look from feeling overworked. In my opinion, the key to not clashing prints is to have neutrals throughout the room to calm the playfulness of the prints. There’s a lot of white and grey incorporated into the nursery, which is a reason why the prints all work together.


How did you choose the art for Greyson’s walls? What recommendations do you have for choosing art for a baby’s room?


I knew I wanted to incorporate some fun animal prints but wanted to keep them simple and clean looking since there were many patterns throughout the nursery. My recommendation for baby art is to not feel like you need to go out and buy expensive art, but instead get creative!

My go-to place for art pieces is Etsy because there are dozens of unique options to choose from. I purchased a downloadable version of the baby animal prints and got them printed at a local print shop. Then, I bought simple white frames to display them in. There are also many great customizable options for art on Etsy – I customized an indigo watercolor print for the nursery that read “goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight little Grey of ours” which I now always say to Greyson before bed. The personalized wooden name sign above the crib is also from Etsy.



You live in SoCal! Does your location have any influence on your design style or Greyson’s room in particular?


Yes! Without even being completely aware of it, our home has touches of coastal vibes throughout. I love a light, bright, and clean look paired with bold statement colors, patterns, and textures. SoCal is very relaxed, and I feel like that’s reflected in the bohemian style that’s sprinkled throughout the home – such as macrame, whitewash wood, and greenery accents.


Do you have a favorite room or nook in your home? Tell us why.


The nursery and my office space. The nursery feels so crisp, fresh, and fun because of the colors and patterns. I love feeding Greyson on the glider in there or playing with him on the rug; the room has such a whimsical vibe and makes me feel happy. I also really enjoy my office space, which is styled a bit more feminine than the rest of the house.


Is everywhere a place for Greyson to play? Do you have designated areas for him, or will you as he gets older?


I like to keep things tidy and organized around the house, so I aim to have designated play areas for Greyson. Since he is so young right now, we spend a lot of time playing either in his nursery or in the living room. However, because his awake time windows are growing and he likes to be entertained more and more these days, we have recently set up a larger play area on our upstairs loft, which is shared with my office space. We aimed to keep the play area in line with the design aesthetic of the office — we went with a boho-style Little Nomad foam play mat and modern wood play gym – but in reality, I know the play area will soon be flooded with brightly colored baby toys!


Every home has its own quirks and challenges – what were yours? How did you overcome them?


Our townhome is a great fit for us, however, parts of the home felt a bit dated when we moved in. We are renting, so we are somewhat limited as to what we could do with the home. We were given permission from our landlord to repaint the kitchen cabinets and add cabinet hardware. Painting the dated cabinets from light oak to a modern gray transformed the area to feel lighter and brighter and felt more like us. We also switched out the light fixtures in our dining room and bathrooms – this little tweak helped alter the vibe of the rooms a lot more than expected.


Where are your go-to places for big-ticket furniture and decor? What items are worth investing in? Are there any pieces that will transition well into a big-kid room?


West Elm, CB2, and Serena & Lily. I would say larger furniture pieces that are simple and timeless are worth investing in because they can last years. I would avoid investing too much in trendy pieces. Greyson’s dresser will transition well into a big-kid room — we can always swap out the brass drawer pulls for something more his style down the road.


When it comes to motherhood, what are you most confident in? What are you still insecure about?


Being a first-time mom, there was so much I felt insecure about in the very beginning. In the short span of three months, I have learned that parenting is not black and white. It is OK to make mistakes along the way and laugh at them because parenting is a journey and hard work. There is no right or wrong way to raise your child, every parent is different in the way they do things in raising and taking care of their baby. I am more confident now because I believe I am doing the best that I can and that the deep love I have for my son triumphs any parenting blunder I may experience down the road.



How does your dog, Chewbacca, get along with Greyson?


At first, we were a little worried to introduce our fur child to our baby, but Chewbacca has been great. We made sure to bring home a baby blanket from the hospital before we came home with Greyson, so it gave Chewie some time to get acquainted with the new scent of the baby. At first, she was confused, but now she knows Greyson is a member of our little pack. She protects the stroller when we are on walks and gives Greyson kisses on his toes — it’s pretty cute to watch.


What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids or as a family right now?


We love going on walks together; this way, the whole family (including Chewbacca) gets to be involved. Either going down to the beach for a walk and lunch or to the nearby neighborhood park, we all love to get fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.


How do you and your husband divide parenting roles? How has parenthood changed your marriage?


My husband loves spending time with Greyson, and it’s the sweetest thing to watch. He is a chef so he works pretty long and late hours. Because he doesn’t get to see Greyson at night, he makes mornings his focus. My husband’s morning time with Greyson gives him the chance to bond with him and also gives me the morning to get ready and have some “me time” before our day gets started.

Since we bottle feed Greyson, we are able to split up the night feedings. Every other night each of us takes the night feeding; this way we both get a full night’s sleep every other night. Parenthood has definitely made me love and appreciate my husband even more than I thought I could. His eagerness to approach parenthood as a team means the world to me. Parenting is hard work, but because we help support each other, problem solve with one another, and enjoy all these priceless moments together, it makes our relationship that much stronger.




How does your son inspire you, in your career or otherwise?


My son inspires me to be the best person I can be. He also inspires me to work that much harder toward achieving my personal goals and dreams. I want him to grow up learning that he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to and that complacency doesn’t have to be an option. I want to set an example for him by going forth to turn my passions into successes.


If you have to choose just one, what’s been your favorite moment from motherhood so far?


There are so many! One of the top moments so far has to be the first time Greyson laughed. There is nothing better than seeing your baby genuinely happy and looking at you with love. His little baby laugh melts my heart every time and is the sweetest sound.


What does a day in your life look like?


I am still on maternity leave, so currently my days vary. Greyson’s schedule stays consistent in the mornings and evenings, but I allow flexibility mid-day so we can tackle the day together.

Mornings: Greyson spends time with my husband. They play or he gets fed a bottle in the living room while I have coffee and get ready for the day. Greyson is the king of short naps right now, but the morning has the most potential for a long nap. After I put him down for his longer nap, I get stuff done around the house (laundry, dishes, emails), might work on my blog, or do some work on our pop-up dinner series Trap Door.

Afternoons: I like to get out of the house at least once a day to prevent cabin fever and so Greyson can get used to the car seat more. We might run errands, may meet a friend for coffee or lunch or we might pop over to his grandparent’s house nearby for a visit. We always take Chewbacca on a walk in the late afternoon. Since the last nap of the day is the most difficult to get in, going for a nice long walk ensures he gets in at least a catnap in the stroller. Then, we play until bedtime starts.

Evenings: Our bedtime routine consists of playtime, bath, baby massage, jammies, and the last bottle of the day. Greyson is typically in bed for the night anytime from 6:45pm – 7:30pm, depending on how long and when his last nap was.



Dominika Seliger is the Everymom…

Favorite meal to make? Currently, it’s roasted butternut squash, eggplant, and kale salad.

Best brunch in SoCal? Ellie’s Table in downtown San Juan Capistrano. A perfect spot to brunch with baby since it’s super casual!

Best way to end a long day? With a glass of wine in my hand and laughing at an episode of The Office with my husband.

Favorite date night? Dinner and drinks at a spot we’ve never been to.

Last book you read? The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp

Most embarrassing mom fail? Since having a son, getting peed on has become a daily norm, but typically it’s only my hand or arm that gets drenched. The other day I was giving Greyson a raspberry on his belly during a diaper change and he proceeded to pee all over my face, including my mouth.