Editor Favorites: 21 Items We Bought and Loved This Year

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I’m not sure 2020 is going down as anyone’s favorite year, but we did have some favorite products that got us through the year, brought us joy, and helped us maintain some semblance of sanity—that counts for something, right?

From makeup to laptop stands to kids’ toys to mom fashion (OK, fine, loungewear), our editors are sharing everything we loved this year. Some items kept our kids occupied for hours on end (looking at you, Air Fort), while others kept us cozy at home (hello, slippers and yummy candles).

Read on for 21 of our favorite items from this year, and let us know on Instagram (@theeverymom) what you would put on your list!



Mocassin Slippers

These are so essential to my daily WFH style, I bought multiple pairs in multiple colors and patterns. They’re comfy, cute, and with hard-soled bottoms, I can also pop outside with our new puppy if needed.


Honeydew Intimates Joggers

I confess I’m easily influenced by our editors (I have entire outfits curated by our fashion writer, Jess), so when our cofounder Alaina said these were her go-to live-in joggers (and they were under $40), I had to try them out. I have lived in these soft, jersey pants as part of my at-home uniform all year.


Outdoor String Lights

My husband bought these to enhance our little backyard so we could continue using our outdoor space into the fall and winter. I’ll admit I was skeptical, because I couldn’t picture how they’d look strung between our house and our swingset, but they look fabulous! Adding a new firepit and these lights has really enhanced our at-home outdoor living.



Manhattan Toy

Playdate Friends Harper Doll

2020 was the year of a whole lot of things, and in our house, it was also the year we welcomed a new baby. In anticipation (and preparation, perhaps), I noticed my older kids doing a lot more doll play this year. These Playdate Friends dolls are a favorite of theirs, and they ended up being a favorite of mine too--because they are machine washable, I didn’t have to worry about interrupting their play, which sometimes ended with leaving the dolls in a pile of dirt outside somewhere. Let’s hope that’s not the future of their new baby sister.

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No Stress Chess

Did everyone else play a lot of board games during quarantine? Chess ended up being a family favorite with my husband and older son teaching the rest of us how to play. This version is a great learner set and allowed my kids to play on their own when the grownups had to work. They both grew out of the helper cards pretty quickly, but I still keep them on hand because, as it turns out, I am the worst in our family at chess.

Hyper Clear

Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum

My skin was overcome by hormonal acne last year and as a result is very scarred. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Vitamin C serum to clear the hyperpigmentation on my darker skin, and this one comes very close to being perfect. I’ve seen real results in the months I’ve been using it and have repurchased twice already.



NYX Cosmetics

Ultimate Edit Petit Shadow Palette

This was one of those drugstore purchases back when I used to be able to browse the cosmetics aisles as long as I wanted. Every time I decided to do a face of makeup during this pandemic, I have splashed out with a bold eyeshadow for a little bit of extra fun, even when I’m just having a glass of wine in my own home. NYX is good quality for good prices too, so I may grab more palettes in the future.

Love Notes

No. 8b Scented Soy Candle

I grew up on the smell of sandalwood and Nag Champa in my house almost on a daily basis. But as my mother likes to remind me: burning incense isn’t as environmentally-friendly as we’d like it to be. This candle is the best of both worlds. I love burning it while I’m taking a bath. It increases the relaxation tenfold and helps me destress.




Panda Crate

As an almost 2-year-old, my son is constantly looking for the next new thing to help him learn and grow. The KiwiCo box has been an amazing answer for this. As a mom, I love that the toys are safe and developmentally appropriate for his age. And as a kid, he loves figuring out how to manipulate them or use his imagination too. This is definitely a favorite in our house.

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Ford And Wyatt

Babe Sweatshirt

I’m all about the mommy-and-me matching, and this sweatshirt was the perfect answer to that for this year. (It comes in an adult size one that says "MAMA" too). These are super comfy, soft, and stylish for lounging around the house or running errands around town.

Etsy | PIDkids

Convertible Helper Tower

My 1.5-year-old and 3.5-year-old love “helping” me wash the dishes. I can’t tell you how much time they’ve spent in this thing at a kitchen sink filled with some water and a few bubbles with unbreakable dishes. It’s pricey but worth it.


Foam Climber

My son enjoys climbing and jumping off any and every surface in our house. This is my answer to end jumping on and off the furniture, and it’s guaranteed to keep him occupied for a long time. Before I had my daughter, someone assured me that girls were less physical ... not mine! She adores this climber too.


Air Fort

File this under another item that entertains toddlers and kids safely for long periods of time. All you need is a box fan. Coming in at under $50, this one is well worth the money.

Joah Love

Summer Sweatshirt

I love sibling matching as much as mommy-and-me matching, so I ordered the blue and the white versions of these “summer” embroidered sweatshirts for my kids. They are great quality, and the kids love wearing them. They run a little large, so they’ll last us at least two summers. Bonus: they’re on sale now.




Relief Cream

I’m basically a broken record when talking about this CBD relief cream but … it’s just that good. This topical product is great for daily aches and pains, but it’s truly my hero item for migraine relief. I take a small amount and rub it into my temples when a splitting headache hits, and it does wonders to help relieve the pain. Plus, it smells amazing. Highly recommend!

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Laptop Stand

Though I’ve been working remotely for five years now (yes, I am a self-proclaimed queen of athleisure), I never fully invested in my WFH setup until the pandemic. The daily aches and pains were weighing me down, on top of the emotional stress of it all, so a friend recommended this simple, ergonomic laptop stand. Within the first day, I felt my posture improving, and before long, that persistent crick-in-my-neck all but melted away.


OK to Wake! Alarm Clock

Our 4-year-old daughter loves a dramatic morning entrance: she barrels into our room and throws herself onto the bed with the glee of a jungle cat pouncing on her prey. It’s very cute; admittedly less so at 5 a.m. I was doubtful that this alarm clock would make a difference, but sure enough, the visual cue of the green glow let her know when it's wake-up time really was a game-changer (6:45 a.m., thankyouverymuch). We’re much more rested now, to say the least.

Jamie Beck

Day Nine Poster

I fully believe that one of the best gifts you can give yourself is one of inspiration, no matter what shape that inspiration takes for you. I’m most transported by imagery that opens a window to another story. This Isolation Creation series, by the photographer Jamie Beck, gives us an intimate look at her life as a mother and artist in Provence. She redefines “living the dream” for me.



Manhattan Toy Company

My Pal Elly Wood Pull Toy

My 18-month old daughter loves pulling her pal around from room-to-room with the occasional stop to shape-sort.

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Manhattan Toy Company

Velveteen Dino Gummy Stegosaurus

My daughter is obsessed with her dino. She’s always carrying this guy around the house and playing with it. In particular, she loves marching with it to the sounds of “We are the Dinosaurs” by the Laurie Berkner Band (what I find to be one of the less annoying kids groups and on regular rotation in our house). This dino is a heavier and sturdier material than other stuffed animals and is a favorite around here.

Use code 20EVERYMOM for 20% off your first order!


Maternity Anytime Overalls

I basically live in these overalls. They are so comfortable and an easy choice when it feels like nothing fits. I also think they are worth the splurge if you’re pregnant because they have enough give and space to grow with your body, but will also be a staple during postpartum. I have them in black but might need to grab another color as well.



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