6 Quick Hairstyles We Love for No-Wash Days

As a curly-haired girl with dry hair, I had already embraced the no-wash look/style long before the pandemic happened. In the last few months, though, I have nonchalantly stretched the time between washes since my husband is the only one looking at me for long periods of time and I already locked that down years ago.

With my work starting to pick up again and the ability to be in-person lurking on the horizon, I realized that my standard messy bun has been making a few too many appearances. People have started to notice…

With that in mind, I scoured the internet and found a couple of different looks that are easy-to-do and help me feel put together. That way my colleagues don’t know how long it’s been since shampoo has last hit my head. Hint, it’s longer than you think. These are my latest favorites for no-wash days.


1. High Space Buns

This is a fun playful look that is easy enough to do. Plus my hair just likes to poof a lot anyway. And it can work with a lot of different kinds of hair textures, which is a huge win.


2. Braids All the Ways

Braids are my go-to for no wash. They make everything fancier and ever since my grandmother used to braid my hair nightly, I’m pretty partial to them. This post from @cynthiadhimdishair gave me some creative ideas of more looks than just two braids.


3. Twisted Buns

This was a fun take on a low bun to give it some flair without extra work. Separate hair into two low ponytails, then twist into two low buns. Voila!


4. Accessorize

I love hats, scarves, headbands, and other accessories to hide dirty hair. These wide padded headbands look elegant and cover up a lot of hair—perfect for no-wash days.


5. Playful Ponytails

Fun ways to play with curls can be difficult to find, but this look was totally new to me. I loved the way @HealthyAfroHair described the style in the post: 3 sectional ponytails and some fluffing.


6. Half Ponytail or Bun

I used to think having curly hair made this look tough to do, but I’ve been loving seeing people with different curl and wave levels rocking the half-pony.


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