How to Make a DIY T-Shirt Headband (To Hide That Unwashed Hair!)

Headbands are having a moment, and I, for one, am all about it. You know what I’m not about? Paying crazy prices for stylish but seriously uncomfortable headbands that leave me with something close to a migraine after just a few hours.

Another thing I’m not about? Workout headbands that cost $15+. I’m sorry, what? For something that’s going to get sweaty on the regular and washed on the semi-regular? Hard pass.

Thankfully, a friend showed me how to make a DIY T-shirt headband, and it takes less than five minutes to do, using one of your old (or new, you do you) T-shirts. Bonus: it’s a fun activity to get the kids in on as well.


Here’s how to make a T-Shirt headband in a few simple, fast steps:


1. Select a T-shirt you’re comfortable cutting up and that has a color or pattern you’d like for a headband.


2. Cut the hem off of the bottom, cutting as straight across as possible.



3. Cut a new strip from the new bottom of the T-shirt. Again, as straight as possible. The thickness is totally up to you, just however thick you want your headband to be.



4. Roll the fabric a little bit in your hands.



5. Holding each end of the loop, twist the fabric in the middle once, and then again.



6. Bring the end of each loop into each other.



7. Enjoy your super comfy homemade headband!



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