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Bored of The Same Old Outfits? 5 Fresh Ideas to Try in 2021

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I think the world let out a collective sigh of relief the second that 2020 ended (I know I did). Although I’m personally not the biggest fan of resolutions and the whole “new year, new me” mindset, I can appreciate a blank slate and the opportunity to shift your goals or create new habits—even if they are simple ones, like revamping your style.

When a new year begins, I always feel the sudden urge to get rid of every single item in my closet and start over with my wardrobe. Actually, let’s be honest: I have that thought about once a week.

Regardless, we’ve been stuck at home for almost nine months now, and I am extremely bored with wearing the same joggers and sweatshirt combo every single day. And if I do venture out (I would now consider a trip to the grocery store “venturing out”), I usually stick to something like basic straight-leg jeans and a top, which is great… but can be boring.

If you’re in the “I’m so bored of wearing the same thing all the time” boat too, I have some ideas for you! Check out these five fresh looks to try out in 2021: 


1. Bored of the joggers you’ve been wearing for three days straight? Try faux leather

joggers (on sale!) / joggers (budget option) / sweater (50% off) / slippers / necklace / glasses


2. Bored of basic jeans? Try a wide-leg straight

jeans (plus-size available) / sweater (on sale!) / coat (over 50% off) / beanie / boots (only $40)


3. Bored of plain, black leggings? Try a print, such as camo

leggings (on sale!) / hoodie (under $20) / puffer coat / sneakers / hat


4. Bored with your old sweats? Try a knit loungewear set

cardigan / pants / slippers / hoops / mug


5. Bored of plain sweaters? Try layering with a sweater vest

sweater vest (only $30) / button-down (on sale!) / jeans / booties / bag (sustainably made)