Readers Share: How I Coped With Morning Sickness


Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of your life. Realizing you’ll be throwing up for several weeks? Not as enjoyable. Many women experience morning sickness during those first couple months of pregnancy, and whether it’s a light dose of nausea or full-on throwing up day after day, it’s rough.

Of course, you’re thankful to be growing a little one in your belly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel the angst of morning sickness and be in search of support and help ASAP. Because life goes on, work still needs to get done, and dinner still needs to be served (in some form or another).

We asked the amazing mothers in our Everymom Facebook Group and our Instagram community how they coped with morning sickness so we could share the 411 with you all. Here are the tips and tricks that worked for them. Make sure to pass this along to all your expecting mama friends out there so they too can get through the tough time!

*As always, please check with your doctor before trying any medications of any kind, and if your sickness is severe, seek medical attention.


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Stock up on the essentials AKA saltines, ginger ale, and …

“Ginger ale, crackers, peppermint candies, ginger candies, Preggie Pop Drops.” – Shanna Z. 

“Coca Cola helped a lot as well as green grapes. I sucked on a lot of candies too — Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, and mints. And buy the sea bands and wear them.” – Ashley B. 

“Preggie Pops, sour gummies, plain Cheerios, oyster crackers, and kids’ toothpaste (bubble gum or some other mild flavor – I couldn’t do mint).” – Erica S. 

“Cherry 7-UP all day.” – Hannah J. 

“I had hyperemesis gravidarum from week #4 until week #32. I was on two different medicines to help, but I would still throw up. Just drink twice as much water as usual, and also try crushed ice. It calms the stomach and helps it not flip. Peppermint drops in ice water or Altoids helped too. But honestly, if it’s bad, it’s bad. I learned to carry bags in my purse so mid-sentence I could just blehhh and continue on.” – Julia R. 

“Motion sickness bands. All-day, every day for the first trimester.” – Sarah M. 

“Preggie Pop Drops.” – Nicole B. 

“All the ginger. I got Traditional Medicinals Ginger Tea. It’s very strong, but it was a lifesaver. Also eating only what I craved. I ate mostly watermelon and ice cream my first trimester, but it was what I wanted and what sounded good, so I ate it.” – Rachele C. 

“Ginger candies and acupuncture microneedles.” – Cara M. 

“Preggie Pop Drops and taking half a Unisom and vitamin B12 twice a day.” – Emma L. 

“Diclegis and a waffle with peanut butter in the car during my morning commute.” – @allisonstech 

“I ate a lot of simple carbs, drank a lot of water, and avoided acidic foods.” – @kelseysullybragg

“B12 vitamins and eating saltine crackers before even getting out of bed.” – @sruikuga

Pink Stork nausea teas were a legit lifesaver. They also have sweets that work as well.” – @ldhaze06

“Crispy apples and lemon water.” – @anika_sf

“Ginger beer, pickles, ginger chews.” – @kanakam1

“Protein pancakes and sleep.” – @rachgilson

“Try a ginger and apple juice shot in the morning after a large glass of water.” – @jenny_neo

“Protein is key but sounds yuck. Banza noodles were a lifesaver. 100 percent recommend.” – @korryn.campbell

“Smoothies saved my bacon the first trimester. Couldn’t keep anything down but could sip a smoothie.” – @myersc

“Clementines (Cuties) – went through a bag every few days. The only thing that would relieve it.” – @isabel_elaine

“Bagels. And being guilt-free about the bagels.” – @briannarabe 

“Lemon candy.” – @peacelovejenna07

“This sounds terrible but worked better than Tums – 1 to 2 tbsp organic ACV (apple cider vinegar) in 8 oz. of water.” – @kittymolpus

“1 tbsp of peanut butter every two to three hours and slathering my lips in peppermint Burts Bees.” – @jcurnswelch

“SweetTarts finally did the trick for me (I had tried everything else anyone mentioned).” – @ahwhitehouse

“La Croix and Perrier.” – @jessmlamb

“Sour foods like green apples and pickles or salty baked chips.” – @resaroo88

“Lime popsicles. Really helped temper my nausea.” – @somanyjennns

“Vitamin water.” – @hayleymheider


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And don’t stop snacking …

“Snacking constantly! Bring snacks everywhere you go.” – Kaitlin P. 

“Eating every two hours, ginger ale and tummy drops from Amazon.” – Jaclyn G. 

“Eating breakfast as soon as I woke up and making sure to eat small meals often. Also, ginger tummy drops.” – Julie Y. 

“Keep saltines next to your bed and eat a few before you get up. That way you have something in your stomach before you’re up and moving. Never let your stomach get ’empty’ throughout the day. That was the best advice I received, and it helped a lot.” – Allison S. 

“¼ of a Unisom pill before bed and crackers first thing in the morning … eat one from the nightstand before even sitting up. And just having something (usually only crackers for me) in your stomach at all times.” – Beth J. 

“Make sure to keep a small ‘base’ in your stomach even if it’s just crackers and ginger ale.” – Sam P. 

“I kept crackers in my nightstand to munch on when I first got up.” – @molly.lausch

“Eating a bowl of Cheerios right when I wake up, and eating every 90 minutes rest of the day.” – @lizsfavoritethings 

“#NeverStopEating.” – @twodemocats 


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Do whatever works …

“Tell your husband to bring home takeout for dinner because the smell of cooking food in the house is terrible.” – Roxanne M. 

“Cool air and emesis bags in the car. Try everything until you find what works for you (there’s no one-size cure).”  – @keklaphake 

“I couldn’t stand the smell of cooking. So, I’d cook early, let the food cool off, and it helped.” – @andgracetoo

“Lower expectations about pregnancy. It’s OK to not enjoy it while feeling sick.” – @mallorymadden

“Sniffing peppermint essential oil – the only thing that worked for me.” – @nahida0072

“Counterintuitive but working out/movement in general. Blood flow is a game-changer.” – @tompkat_

“Ginger oil in a rollerball.” – @lolaroaming