The Push Toys That Will Help Your Baby Learn to Walk

Your baby taking their first little steps is a truly exciting event – many parents wait longingly to see their tiny tots began to their first wobbly walk. Of course, babies all walk at different ages, and there’s no real right time for your little one to start. It’s said that pushing a baby to try to do anything before they are ready is basically just asking for a giant fail. Babies will do their thing on their own time, and we will always be there cheering them on.

What you can do, however, is have toys and activities available to help their age-appropriate development along on the right path. Just like rattles and grasp toys help young babies learn to hold, push toys can help babies who are ready to stand and move to be able to do so.

Most babies are super content with just holding onto the edge of a couch and cruising along, but push toys can be a great option outdoors or in a space that has more open space. As with most things, babies should always be supervised while using toys like these (those wheels can sometimes go faster than your babe can!) until you are absolutely certain that your little one is sure and steady on their feet. And, make sure there are no open stairwells around to avoid potential accidents.

Many of these toys will last well beyond your baby’s learning-to-walk-phase – my 3- and 5-year-olds still use their wagon, grocery cart, and lawn mower nearly daily in their pretend play.

Check out the list below for our favorite push toys.

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