The Cutest Push Toys for Kids’ Play

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best push toys
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Your baby taking their first little steps is a truly exciting event—many parents wait longingly to see their tiny tots begin their first wobbly walk. Of course, babies all walk at different ages, and there’s no real right time for your little one to start (though if you’re concerned, always bring it up with your baby’s pediatrician). It’s said that pushing a baby to try to do anything before they are ready is basically just asking for a giant fail. Babies will do their thing on their own time, and we will always be there cheering them on.

What you can do, however, is have toys and activities available to help their age-appropriate development. Push toys can be fun for babies who are ready to stand and move to be able to do so—though baby still needs plenty of practice without them to work on their independent walking skills.

Most babies are super content with just holding onto the edge of a couch and cruising along. For babies wanting to move, push toys can be a great play option outdoors or in a spot with more open space. As with most things, babies should always be supervised while using toys like these (those wheels can sometimes go faster than your babe can!) until you are absolutely certain that your little one is sure and steady on their feet. And make sure there are no open stairwells around to avoid potential accidents.

Many of these toys will last into toddlerhood and beyond—my 3- and 5-year-olds still use their wagon, grocery cart, and lawn mower nearly daily in their pretend play.

Check out the list below for our favorite push toys.

best push toys
Melissa & Doug

Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

This colorful push toy is adorned with cute alligators whose mouths click and clack as the toy is pushed by your little one. Plus, it has non-skid wheels and the handle is perfect for tiny hands to grasp.

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best push toys
Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Shopping Cart

Made with solid wood, a cotton basket, and rubber-lined wheels, this toy helps kids learn to balance and develop push and pull skills. And it's a fun accessory for a play kitchen or make-believe grocery store they'll use for years.

Amazon | VTech

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

A classic baby toy, this walker encourages interactive play with shape sorters, light-up buttons, mechanical elements, and more.

comes in 4 fun colors

Target | Fisher-Price

Corn Popper Toy

Remember these? The bright colors and popping sounds on this corn popper toy help stimulate baby's senses and strengthen their gross motor skills as they play.

best push toys
Pottery Barn Kids

Big Jigs Activity Walker

A more expensive option (but a very pretty one!), this walker is made from solid wood and decorated with child-safe, water-based paint. It helps kids' mobility, dexterity, and sorting and matching skills as they learn to stand, walk, and play.

best push toys
Melissa & Doug

Snappy Turtle Mower

Fun to use both indoors or outdoors, this plastic mower features a storage compartment, sliding and turning dials, a plastic fuel can, and a pull-cord. Plus, the wheels make a motor sound as it's pushed.

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best push toys
Amazon | Cossy

Wooden Baby Learning Walker

Designed with a whimsical circus theme, this walker comes with fun games including a maze, animal blocks, and shape sorters.

best push toys
Amazon | Hape

Push & Pull Lawn Mower Toy

Recommended for kids 12 months and older, this push and pull lawn mower toy helps little ones develop coordination, balance, and motor skills.

best push toys
Melissa & Doug

Wooden Ring and Ding Forest Friends Push Toy

Another cute option from editor-favorite brand Melissa & Doug, this sturdy walker has colorful bear artwork and bells that ring and ding when struck by bouncing wooden bees.

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best push toys
Amazon | Plan Toy

Baby Walker

An expensive but high-quality option, this wooden walker features a handle that can be adjusted to different heights as baby grows and includes 24 blocks for kids to play with.

best push toys
Amazon | Radio Flyer

Classic Walker Wagon

This wagon-like push walker includes toy storage with removable wooden side panels, a rubber bumper to protect walls and furniture, and wheels with safety resistance clickers to prevent babies from moving too quickly. Little ones will love packing up and pushing around this wagon with stuffed animals, books, or other items that are precious to them.

push toy
Amazon | Labebe

Yellow Sailboat Wooden Push Toy

A reader-favorite, this is perfect for little ones to pretend like they're taking their favorite toys on a sailing trip.

best push toys
Amazon | BRIO

Toddler Wobbler Toy

This classic walker has an adjustable handle and brakes to adapt to your child's walking progress and non-skid rubber wheels that protect your floors.

baby doll stroller
Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Doll Stroller

Little ones love to imitate mom by pushing around dolls or stuffed animals in their very own stroller.

This article was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for timeliness. 

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