The Everymom’s Guide to Corporate Maternity Style

Figuring out what to wear while growing a tiny human inside of you can be tricky. And when you work in a corporate environment where comfy leggings and oversized sweaters every day just won’t cut it, it can feel like your options are limited when it comes to your Monday through Friday wardrobe.

If you work in a corporate environment – or have a big work meeting or presentation where you need to be in more professional or conservative attire –  here are the pieces we recommend adding to your wardrobe to ensure you’re adhering to dress code while staying stylish (and comfortable) for the next nine months. 


Dress Pants

You’ll hit that point where your old work pants just won’t work. Adding in a few classic silhouettes with belly support can make all the difference. I recommend a good straight or wide leg shape to help balance out your growing belly and elongate your frame.


Pencil Skirt

Yes, a pencil skirt. I swear it’s the forgotten maternity piece that is so versatile throughout your pregnancy. Wear it with a sweater on top, tuck in a blouse and add a jacket, add a fitted top with a longline vest – there are a variety of ways to style this wardrobe staple to keep things fresh from week to week.


The Blouse

Add a few easy to wear blouses, like a classic white button down or silk shell for layering to your closet. These are staples that you can easily mix and match with different bottoms to create work-appropriate looks quickly.

Pro tip: No need to go out and buy a ton of new jackets and blazers. Try on your old pieces first, as often times they’ll still be able to work — just don’t plan on buttoning or zipping. So even more reason to add some great new maternity layers to wear underneath.


The Dress

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I only wanted to wear dresses. So be sure you’ve got some great styles in your wardrobe. For the office, I recommend maternity shift dresses and two-tiered styles that make room for your belly and create a polished and pulled together look for the office.


The Basics

There are a few things that will make your pregnancy life so much more comfortable – bras, underwear, tights, and tank tops. You’ll be wearing these items under everything, so it’s really important to make sure they’re comfortable.


The Shoes

It’s all about comfort and support when it comes to shoes during pregnancy. So how does that fit in with a corporate wardrobe? If you have to wear heels, stick with shorter, chunkier styles. When you’re shopping, take more time than normal to walk around in the shoes and make sure they’re supportive and won’t bug your already-aching feet.


Do you work in a corporate work environment? Share your maternity style tips below!