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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of fatty15, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.

How I’m Taking Care of Myself After Years of Taking Care of Everyone Else


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mom self care fatty acid supplements"
mom self care fatty acid supplements
Source: Alexandra Pagar-Wolf
Source: Alexandra Pagar-Wolf

I’ve always been a very type-a person who thrives in a constant state of busyness. But after having two sons in two years, my usual busyness grew and grew until it became plain overwhelming. I knew feeling like that wouldn’t be sustainable for me, but I had no clue how to fix it as a toddler mom with minimal free time. However, I had a lightbulb moment a few months ago when my son came home from preschool and happily began to tell me about his day. He explained that his class has a daily set of activities that they divide into “must-dos” and “can-dos.” All of a sudden, it clicked. I’d spent the past five years treating every task related to my kids, work, and house as “must-dos” and tasks for myself as “can-dos.” It was right then that I realized I needed to actively prioritize my physical and mental wellness. I had to treat self-care as a daily must-do.

So, how am I making my commitment to myself a reality? First, I wrote down a list of personal goals I want to accomplish this year. Second, I schedule self-care time into my daily routine just like I would any other important appointment or activity. Yes, there are extra busy days that feel way too packed for designated me-time, but before I skip it, I stop and ask myself: Do all the other tasks absolutely need to be done today, or can some wait? Will it change anything if this one thing does not get done today? The answer, nine times out of 10, is yes, it can wait; no, waiting will not change the outcome. Plus, the self-care tasks I am prioritizing are relatively easy to accomplish and take way less time than everything else on my to-do list.

Scheduling pockets of me-time has allowed me to work towards improving my overall mental and physical health, and these small steps have given me big results in just a few months. These are the five self-care changes I made that are attainable even with a busy schedule and needy kids:

fatty15 supplement
Source: Alexandra Pagar-Wolf

Taking a do-it-all supplement that fits into my routine

At my yearly physical in 2023, my doctor informed me that I hadn’t had regular labs drawn in over five years. After multiple miscarriages, IVF treatments, two successful pregnancies, two postpartum journeys, and the pandemic, my body was, plainly, a mess. My lab work reflected that, and while it should have been a bigger wake-up call to make some changes, I shrugged it off and kept going. But at the beginning of this year, I finally committed to improving my health from within. I knew I needed to do some research and find a supplement and nutrition routine that would help me feel my best.

Being a 35-year-old mom of two constantly sick toddlers, I began searching for a supplement that would support my immune system and the natural process of aging. My search paid off when I discovered Fatty15’s C15:0 supplement. C15:0 is an essential fatty acid that our bodies need in order to stay healthy as we age, but unfortunately, our bodies don’t make enough of it on their own. Fatty15 is the world’s first—and only—pure, vegan C15:0 supplement. It’s clinically proven to support the body’s overall health, from our metabolism, cell membranes, and immune systems to even mood and sleep. So naturally, Fatty15 felt like the perfect supplement to support me physically while still being a sustainable part of my new routine.

I’ve purchased and subsequently abandoned a variety of supplements over the years mainly because they made me nauseous or the pills were massive. With one small pill that can be taken on an empty stomach, Fatty15 immediately checked all of my boxes. Plus, Fatty15 is three times better than my old omega 3s, even with that single pill. Since starting, I have been sleeping more deeply, feeling more energized, and have noticed less soreness in my body. My body has also felt less susceptible to those pesky preschool germs my kids bring home every other week. To top it off, my most recent lab work saw an improvement in both my cholesterol and liver enzyme levels. I even set up a “supplement station” above my coffee machine, so taking them has become an effortless part of my self-care routine.

fatty15 supplement
C15:0 Fatty Acid Supplement

From better mood to improved labwork and beyond, this once-a-day pill fits seamlessly into my routine and is truly the easiest way I can make sure I’m putting my physical and mental health first.

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Completing the self-care projects I’d started

I am the queen of ordering the latest at-home beauty gadget that promises visible results without having to travel 45 minutes to a salon and wasting hours of my day. My problem? Actually carving out the time to use them. I’ve had a laser hair removal device and a facial toning device collecting dust in my bathroom for over a year. Well, no longer. I’ve been actively scheduling my DIY beauty sessions at least three nights per week and getting some well-deserved pampering. It’s been great to actually see results without even leaving my home. 

Removing social media apps from my phone

My number one health goal this year was to spend less time connected to my phone. This was by far the hardest health habit to implement, yet I am loving being disconnected far more than I imagined. Instead of reaching for my phone the moment I crawl into bed after putting down the kids, I find myself reading more, thinking more, and even being more active. I am filling those tiny bits of “downtime boredom” with audiobooks, music, reading on my Kindle, or exercising. I have found that removing myself from the buzz of social media has really helped me feel less stimulated and overwhelmed on a day-to-day basis. 

mom wellness self care rituals
Source: Alexandra Pagar-Wolf

Moving my body regularly instead of skipping workouts

Although I can’t commit to joining a gym or rushing out to a daily class, I have stuck to some sort of at-home workout 3 to 4 times per week. Whether it is just free cycling on the Peloton for 30 minutes or a quick 15-minute core workout, I’m being active during whatever amount of available time I have that day. Just recently, I had penciled in time for a long morning run, but then life happened, and my hour-long window got cut in half. Instead of skipping it altogether (which I would have in the past), I went anyway and ended up running two miles. While it wasn’t the “big” workout I had hoped for, I made the best out of the time I had. 

Making time for the people that matter most

When you’re in a constant state of busy, it is so easy to cancel plans with friends, skip date nights, and not prioritize kid-free trips with your partner. But I realized that making time for the people I love, even if it’s just a few child-free hours, is actually good for me. I come home a better mom and my emotional cup is filled again. This year, I decided to book all the trips and it’s been totally reinvigorating. I went on a quick staycation with my college best friend and felt like myself again. Next, my husband and I have four nights booked on the beach, and I cannot wait to reconnect without tiny humans screaming for snacks every hour. Even during the weeks that I don’t have time for physical get-togethers, I still schedule FaceTime calls, text check-ins, and at-home dates with my favorite people. Now that I’m prioritizing my overall wellness, I have enough in my cup to be the best version of myself and mom to my kids.

This post contains a sponsored inclusion of fatty15, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board. We only recommend products we genuinely love.