15 Recipes You Can Easily Make With a Rotisserie Chicken

When it comes to cooking a healthy, quick meal for your family, it doesn’t get much easier than a rotisserie chicken. $5 and a quick trip to the grocery store gets you a hassle-free, nutritious meal (that you sometimes can make use of for days!).

And if you’re looking for an easy chicken recipe for dinner tonight, swap out a rotisserie chicken for one of these yummy recipes. Read on for 15 recipes that you can easily make with a rotisserie chicken. 


1. Nacho Soup

Source: Delish


2. Arugula Pesto Chicken

Source: Taste of Home


3. White Chicken Chili


4. Chinese Chicken Salad with Asian Peanut Salad Dressing


5. BBQ Chicken Tacos


6. Balsamic Chicken Salad with Lemon Quinoa

Source: Cafe Delites


7. Chicken Noodle Soup


8. Burrito Bowls


9. Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups

Source: Delish


10. Crispy Corn Tortillas with Chicken

Source: Food and Wine


11. Caprese Wraps with Chicken

Source: My Recipes


12. Southwestern Chicken Wraps


13. Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Source: Delish


14. Fried Rice with Chicken and Broccolini

Source: Epicurious


15. Shredded Buffalo Chicken Sliders


What are your favorite recipes to cook with rotisserie chicken? Let us know in the comments below!

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