15 Insanely Good Ikea Play Kitchen Hacks

ikea play kitchen hacks"
ikea play kitchen hacks

Play kitchens are an amazing place for kids’ creativity. They can learn and imitate everything they see in their own lives – whether they’re pretending to make you your morning coffee, do dishes, or running around as a restaurant chef –  those little imaginations really can run wild.

Fortunately, you don’t need to shell out a ton of cash for a cute kitchen for your kids. How is that possible? Well, we were on Pinterest one day and saw an Ikea play kitchen that was DIY’d into a dream world. Which got us thinking – what have other parents done to their play kitchens? Scroll on for 15 insanely creative DIY Ikea play kitchen hacks that even we wouldn’t mind cooking in. 

1. For the minimalist kid

Source: The Merge Journal

2. For the mid-century kid

Source: Little Years

3. For the kid who loves flowers

Source: Anchors and Honey

4. For the kid who needs to make his mom coffee every morning

Source: Trodel Shop

5. For the kid with a green thumb

Source: Hello Blogzine

6. For the kid who cooks right alongside his Dad

Source: Katie Lamb

7. For the kid who should retire in Palm Springs

Source: A Beautiful Mess

8. For the kid (or mom) who loves gold accents

Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

9. For the kid who will want a vintage convertible at 16

Source: Oh So Busy Mom

10. For the kid who loves to keep things clean

Source: Apartment Therapy

11. For the kid who bakes cookies every weekend

Source: Design Mom

12. For the kid who runs the show

Source: Oh So Busy Mom

13. For the kid who loves nature

Source: Gilded Hearth

14. For the boho-chic kid

Source: Mommo Design

15. For the kid who likes to cook before bed

Source: Divinely DIY