18 Fantastic Books That Teach Kids About the Earth

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As a book-lover, reading with my kids is one of my favorite things.

Books have a way of offering insight and opening conversation between my kids and I that is much more effective than, say, me just telling my kids something. Not only are they more open to the information they gather from books, but they’re also more likely to engage in the conversation surrounding the subject, since the information is coming from a neutral party and not their mom (they’re not teens yet, but you can bet they know how to roll their eyes once I start talking).

I try to stay objective in the viewpoints I offer them, and a foundational root in science is something we are all attracted to. They want to know “why?” and so do I.

We’ve always talked about climate change and the way human lives impact the earth and animal kingdom, but this year, I’ve seen their knowledge and interest in these things flourish—and that’s no coincidence, seeing as how many books relating to the earth were a part of my Amazon orders.

The following books are among favorites of our entire family for the way they offer graspable content for young children about the wonders and workings of our Mother Earth. Not only do these books offer my kids the answers to many of their “whys” but they also give me constant reminders to slow down and appreciate our home.

This article was originally published on May 25, 2019 and has been updated for timeliness.