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8 Gifts to Bring Your BFF Who Just Had a Baby


Your best friend just had a baby, and you’ve proudly taken on the cool aunt title. It’s time to meet her bundle of joy, and you are ready for baby cuddles. You can’t go empty-handed, so what do you bring your friend?

Start with food. Offer to bring a meal, groceries, or even coffee. She’s just been through a huge change and is adjusting to a new way of life. From her perspective, it can be overwhelming. So it’s important to be there for her in any way you can. Ask how she’s doing, offer to hold the baby so she can shower or take a quick nap, or help with her to do list – like doing a few loads of laundry or running errands. 

You might want to bring something else to celebrate the new journey your friend is on. Read on for ideas on thoughtful gifts to bring your BFF. In the end, she’ll appreciate whatever gift you bring her, but she’ll appreciate you coming to visit (with food and hands to help) even more.


Something Easy to Wear

You've been there through everything and now is no exception. Gift her a cozy robe to make her recovery a bit more comfortable and that she can also use for nursing sessions.

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Something to Encourage Self-Care

The early days of all motherhood are all consuming, and it’s easy to forget the little things. Remind her to take care of herself by hydrating with an adorable new water bottle. You’ll make her feel good while giving her a subtle reminder to remember to take care of #1.

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Something to Encourage Her to Sit down and Relax

It might be a while before your bestie can meet you out for your usual brunch with mimosas. Instead, bring brunch to her! It’s likely that she has already received food from other friends and family. Since people typically bring dinner, go in another direction and bring breakfast food. In the haze of the newborn phase, she will thank you!

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Something to Celebrate Her New Motherhood Journey

Commemorate this new stage of life with a delicate piece that she will be proud to wear but wouldn't necessarily buy herself. Don't be surprised if it inspires spontaneous happy tears.

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Something for Those Late Nights

Her late night sweet tooth deserves a treat, and what a fun date night at home for parents who could use one the most. Send some ice cream their way and save the day!

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Something to Record All the Memories

Baby books can seem a bit daunting and often fall by the wayside. This one can be filled out little by little, which makes it seem less daunting.

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Something to Indulge Her

Self care is hard to come by when you're a new mom. Encourage her to take a few minutes for herself and bring her some nail polish. Your friend might not have time for the nail salon, but even painting your nails at home will make her feel a little more put together.

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Something for Her Caffeine Habit

Remind her to be gentle with herself and pour her a hot cup of coffee. Hold that beautiful baby and let mama drink a full cup of hot coffee! On the brink of exhaustion, this could be the moment that saves her sanity. Trust us, this gift will get used.

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What gifts made your first days as a new mom special?