This New Collection Is the MVP of the Fourth Trimester—Here’s Why

Babies require an overwhelming amount of gear. It can be a huge challenge to narrow down your wish list to the must-haves when preparing for life with a newborn.

How many swaddles, diapers, pacifiers do I need? How many sleep sacks is too many? Will my baby even like what I buy? This is exactly why we get extra excited when we find an MVP: a Most Valuable Product, that is. We love a product that multi-tasks. More uses and fewer products are the way to go.

Beyond finding those multi-tasking items, we look for quality materials that will hold up through daily use, long nights, and lots of spit up (trust me: it’s more than you think it will be!). And of course, we’re particularly fond of super soft gear that we know our babies will love to snuggle up in and will feel secure in.

Right now, we’re obsessing over the new comfort knit collection by aden + anais. We’ve been fans of the brand for a while (their products always show up on our must-have lists), and this new premium, cotton-rich collection is an instant favorite that we’re recommending for moms as they embark on the fourth trimester—and beyond.

The fourth trimester is all about baby snuggles and doing what you can to soothe and comfort your newborn. Depending on your baby’s temperament, this can either be simple or incredibly challenging. Before baby arrives though, it’s impossible to know what you’re in for, so it’s important to be prepared. The new comfort knit collection is designed specifically for babies 0-3 months, making it the perfect gift when returning from the hospital.



This line was created to give baby the feeling of being wrapped in a soothing hug. It’s super soft and breathable, and has just the right amount of stretch to keep baby comfortable and content. While made for newborns, the products have a long lifespan and will come in handy well beyond the hospital, and even beyond baby’s first three months.

The new comfort knit collection includes a knotted gown and hat, swaddle blanket, and multi-use cover.

To simplify your hospital packing, we recommend tossing all three in your bag. What can we say, we love a coordinated look when it comes to baby’s first photos. The bright and fresh patterns are the perfect choice.

The knotted gown and hat make for those sweet photos and will get use at home as well. Looking back, it’s a little embarrassing how much thought I put into the first outfit my baby would wear. I purchased and packed about five different outfits, unsure of what would look best once she actually arrived. I also brought various sizes. Could she really be as tiny as these newborn outfits? Not possible! Spoiler alert: she, of course, fit in the newborn size. I could have saved myself a lot of effort if I had gone with one of these knotted gowns. They are so perfect for that first picture (and for the record, I would have chosen the perennial design—love!) and because you’re tying the bottom, size is less of a concern.

On to the swaddle blanket. As any new mom will quickly learn, you can never have too many swaddles. This one has the right amount of stretch to provide that hug-like feeling. It’s great as an actual swaddle for baby and also can be used on the ground for tummy time. Swaddles are just one of those baby items you’ll always want to have on hand.



And perhaps our favorite and most versatile product from the line is the multi-use cover. You can use this as a car seat or stroller cover to keep the sun off baby (and to help them nap in public). It can also be used as a nursing cover, high chair cover, swing cover, and cart cover. Truly, this is a valuable and multi-tasking product that works well beyond the fourth trimester.

It can be easy (too easy!) to go overboard when it comes to stocking up on baby gear. Start with the essentials—the items you and baby will get a lot of use out of in those first few months. The new line from aden + anais is exactly those essentials, taken up a notch with premium, cotton-rich fabrics and adorable designs.

If you’re preparing to welcome a new baby, working on your registry, or looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower, the aden + anais comfort knit collection is the MVP every new mom needs.


This post was in partnership with aden + anais but all of the opinions within are those of The Everymom editorial board.


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