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44 Old-Fashioned Boy Names From Back in the Day

Source: @tourdelust
Source: @tourdelust

Plenty of old-school names are having their moment right now. Looking at 2023’s SSA list of top baby names for boys, we’re seeing names like Theodore, Henry, and Elijah, and we’re not surprised one bit. It’s names like these, and plenty more, that withstand the test of time. Expectant parents are drawn to them for reasons like rich history, familial ties, and the fact that they’re oh-so classic.

If you’re welcoming a newborn boy in the future and picking a timeless name is important to you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 44 of our favorite old-fashioned boy names from way back in the day. With hints of nostalgia, names that topped the charts in the late 19th and early 20th century, and inspiration from influential men, here’s our list of old-fashioned names for boys.

Our Favorite Old-Fashioned Boy Names


More popular 100 years ago than it is today, this short and sweet Hebrew name means “to carry.” It’s also the name of the tiny protagonist in the award-winning children’s book Amos & Boris.


A name that’s both old-fashioned and nostalgic is a win in our book. Though the burly name means “bear,” millennial parents might also think of the lovable aardvark from the ’90s, Arthur.


Reminiscent of the legendary photographer and conservationist, Ansel Adams, this German name means “protected by God.”


For a name that saw its peak in popularity before the 20th century, consider Chester, which means “fortress.”


Although the meaning of this French moniker might be “lame,” famous action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme made the name anything but! One of the most popular baby names in the late 1800s, Claude could be a unique pick for a little hero born today.


With a name like this, you may raise your very own celebrated poet like Edgar Allan Poe. Though he’s known for his dark works like The Raven, we know a little one of this name will be keen to bright “prosperity.”


A highly popular choice in the early 1900s, Eugene is a classic name that’s losing the popularity it once had. With the meaning of “noble,” we wouldn’t be surprised if it was set to make a revival in the future.

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It’s nearly impossible to hear this name and not think of a sweet old man in a wool plaid sweater. But a little boy with this old-school moniker is sure to have a “bright” and “promising” future.


If you’re a nickname kind of person, you may love that this name shortens to the sweet Harry. The Scandinavian name meaning “army ruler” also elicits some nostalgia with the reminder of the beloved children’s book Harold and the Purple Crayon.


Fairly popular in the early 1900s, this name meaning “spirit” and “mind” is slowly making a lively revival.


Another option with the sweet nickname Leo is this title with the noble meaning of “brave people.”


Draw inspiration from the American jazz legend, Miles Davis, with this coveted title meaning “soldier.” (We have to mention that Davis is also an adorable surname baby name, too!)


As far as old-fashioned boy names go, it doesn’t get much cuter than Oscar. The name meaning “champion warrior” may put a smile on your face by reminding you of the comical Sesame Street character, Oscar the Grouch.


Fans of ’80s kids’ movies may love that this title reminds them of the cat and dog adventure tale, The Adventures of Milo and Otis. Plus, a kiddo with this name meaning “wealthy” will share it with the celebrated American singer of The Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding.


Inspired by one of our favorite film actors, Samuel L. Jackson, is this traditionally Biblical name meaning “God has heard.”

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If welcoming a newborn is everything you’ve “asked for” or “prayed for,” this may be the perfect old-fashioned name to bestow upon him.


Instill a love for nature in your little boy with this edgy old-school Latin name meaning “woods” and “forest.”


Perfect for the fifth kiddo in a family, this adorable gender-neutral name refers to the fifth-born child in a family.


When it comes to the name Walt, the inspiration possibilities are pretty much endless: Walt Disney, Walt Whitman, and even Walt Kowalski from Gran Torino. Whichever you choose, he’s sure to grow up to be a strong leader with this name meaning “army ruler.”


Another old-fashioned nature-inspired moniker that will instill a love of the great outdoors is this cool title, meaning “park keeper.”

More Old-Fashioned Boy Names

  • Alonzo
  • Archibald
  • Barnaby
  • Carl
  • Cecil
  • Demetrius
  • Elijah
  • Felix
  • Francis
  • Gus
  • Henry
  • Ivan
  • Leon
  • Linus
  • Mack
  • Noah
  • Oliver
  • Owen
  • Otto
  • Percy
  • Reginald
  • Robin
  • Theodore
  • Vito