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Old-Fashioned Charm: 40+ Eclectic Grandpa Baby Boy Names

eclectic grandpa baby names"
eclectic grandpa baby names
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

In previous years, we saw the coastal grandma aesthetic sweep us away like a wave crashing the coast. Understandably, many of us couldn’t get enough of the quiet sophistication, chic simplicity, and seaside luxury the trend embodied. It was a huge source of inspiration in home decor, fashion, and even the baby name realm. And while I still have a great appreciation for anything grandma-centric, there’s a new trend going around in 2024 inspired by our other favorite grandparent—Grandpa.

If you’ve heard the terms “eclectic grandpa” or “grandpacore” floating around, it may have piqued your interest, too. In the fashion space, eclectic grandpa style involves comfortable and cozy pieces similar to those that have been collected over decades by sweet old men.

Just like the coastal grandma trend, we had to tap into grandpacore to see what baby names we could draw from the aesthetic. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Just like their feminine counterparts, grandpa chic picks are classic, old-fashioned names that often come with sweet nicknames and are timeless titles for little ones. Read on for over 40 of our favorite eclectic grandpa baby names for boys.

The Eclectic Grandpa Trend Explained

If it feels like most things lately are nostalgia-fueled, you’re not the only one to notice. Coined by Pinterest, eclectic grandpa is the latest bit of nostalgia to become popularized, and different images may come to mind upon first hearing the term. For me, I pictured the Carl Fredricksen from Up with his thick rectangular glasses, classic wool blazer, and bowtie—not to mention the spouts of grumpiness that come with a young Wilderness Explorer knocking on your door one too many times. Others may imagine Richard Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, Grandpa Huxtable on The Cosby Show, or Frank Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Whoever you picture as your onscreen grandpa, what they all have in common is a classic, vintage style. Sure, they vary slightly. But a mix of quality retro sweaters or vests, statement patterns, and maybe flat caps pretty much captures the trend from a style perspective. Whether inside or outside of the closet, the aesthetic is that of a warm, comforting feel akin to what we imagine from a quirky old man. While the term first made a wool plaid name for itself in the fashion space, it has since made its mark in things like home decor and beyond. We couldn’t help but explore endearing old man names we could drum up that fall perfectly under the grandpacore umbrella. Read on for our favorites.

Eclectic Grandpa Baby Names


We’ve seen the shortened version of this name, Archie, make headlines in recent years as the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first son. The full name is one worthy of royal caliber as well as the Old German title holds the meaning of “genuine” and “bold/brave.”


Because grandpa can be seen as the original ‘Papa Bear,’ this name of Celtic origin that means “bear” and can easily be shortened to the snappy Art seems especially fitting.


For an uncommon name in the United States of Scandinavian origin, consider Arvid. A semi-popular choice in Sweden, the name means “eagle-tree.”


Charles has been highly popular for decades, with Charlie as a common nickname. This timeless moniker is fit for an eclectic grandpa in the making—so much so that it’s also the name of Annie and Hallie’s smartly dressed grandfather in the 1998 movie The Parent Trap. The German name means “free man.”


Fittingly falling just after Charles is a name that will remind most of us of the acclaimed evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. Give your little scientist this Old English name referring to a “dear friend.”


With ties to Greek mythology, Dennis has origins as the son of Zeus. Instill in your little one a curiosity for mythology with this title meaning “follower of Dionysus.”


Harry Potter fans may equate this name to the unfavorable muggle cousin of Harry. Nonetheless, the name has undeniably cool retro vibes and nature-centric origins with the meaning of “people’s field.”


Edward isn’t just reserved for shimmering vampires anymore. The English name meaning “wealth” is perfect for a successful little gent. Plus, Eddie is an adorable nickname.


Friend of Edward is this historic English title that shares the meaning of “wealth.”


For a little one who’s always ready to set sail for adventure, consider this title that’s reminiscent of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, a well-known American Great Lakes freight ship. Similar to Edward and Edwin, the name holds the meaning of “prosperity.”


Shortened to the adorable Ernie, this strong, classic name with the meaning of “serious” is a great title for a little one to grow into.


A highly popular choice in the early 1900s, Eugene is a classic name that’s losing the popularity it once had. With the meaning of “noble,” we wouldn’t be surprised if it was set to make a revival in the future.


Inspire a little one to pave his own way with this Old English moniker meaning “free man.”


Noble titles are what grandpas are made of. That’s why this German name meaning “peaceful ruler” is perfect for our list of eclectic grandpa baby names. Plus, it can be shortened to the adorable nickname Freddie.


A timeless name, Ford was just as popular in 1900 as the name is now. Meaning “river crossing,” Ford could be a special pick for families with memories along the water.


Ensure your little one loves the planet and isn’t afraid of working with his hands with this name that holds the meaning of “farmer.”

eclectic grandpa baby names
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This highly masculine German name that’s nicely shortened to Gerry holds the honorable meaning of “spear ruler.” Little readers will also recognize Gerald as the beloved best friend of Piggie in the Mo Willems book series Elephant and Piggie.


Since we’re on the topic of books, no purple crayon is required for this strong Scandinavian name, meaning “army ruler.”


As popular now as it was in the early 1900s, Henry is a highly desirable moniker with French origins that means “house ruler.”


You may not find a more noble name on our list than this title fit for the best grandpa ever, meaning “high guardian” and “brave heart.”


A diminutive of John or Jackson, Jack has become highly favorable in itself. With ties back to Medieval England, the masculine name means “God is gracious.”


With peak popularity in 1945, it’s likely many of us know an eclectic grandpa who holds this name, meaning “bay laurel.”


A great gender-neutral option, Leslie is quite rich in history. The Scottish name ties back to medieval times and holds the darling meaning of “holly garden.” Shorten to Les for a unique nickname.


Whether you use the snappy name itself or opt for one of its long forms like Leonardo, Leopold, or Leon, you’ve picked a great choice. Leo is a title fit for a fierce but friendly little “lion.”


A name meaning “king” seems highly fitting for the new king of your heart and the aspiring patriarch of a family.


Wildly popular in the early 1900s, families may have a great- or great-great-grandpa Louis to honor by giving their baby this name, meaning “famed warrior.”


There’s nothing more desirable in the baby name department than a title that is both strong and inviting. Melvin is the perfect combination of both as it holds the meaning of “strong friend” and can be shortened to Mel.


Traditionally a surname and with ties to the Vikings, Norman is fit for a little one who won’t be afraid of snow or cold weather as it holds the meaning of “man from the North.”


A highly sophisticated option, Oscar is rich in folklore and culture. With a namesake of one of the most celebrated warriors in Irish legends, the title holds the charming meanings of “deer-loving” and “champion warrior.”


With ties to the Bible and one of the early leaders of the Christian church, Paul has been a popular choice for Christians and beyond. The Latin name refers to “small” or “humble.”


While his hair may turn gray in his old age, this name, meaning “red-haired,” is perfect for a little redhead.


Paying homage on our list to arguably one of the most lovable on-screen grandpas, Richard Gilmore, is this German title meaning “powerful” and “brave.”

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Fit for a king or the head of the family is this classic German moniker that holds the meaning of “bright fame.”


Perhaps the man who made the grandpa chic cardigan fashionable was the beloved Mr. Rogers. This derivative of his surname is highly noble with the meaning “famous spearman.”


A highly well-known name, especially for older generations in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, is this snappy name meaning “red” and “king.”


More than a popular water bottle brand, the title Stanley has been around for centuries. The Old English name refers to a “stony field.”


A timeless title to be sure, Theodore dates back all the way to Ancient Greece. Paired with a sweet nickname like Teddy, this name, meaning “gift of God,” is perfect for a little one and beyond.


For a historical name with an undeniable air of sophistication, look no further. This dapper title holds the meaning of “Welshman.”


Reminiscent of the great poet Walt Whitman and the iconic Walt Disney is this highly noble title. Raise a dependable leader with this name, meaning “commander of the army.”


This name has been slowly making its way up the charts in recent years, and we can see why. With the meaning of “western meadow,” it’s a name that’s sure to continue withstanding the test of time.


Perfect for a little one who may have a grandpa William is this traditional surname meaning “son of William.”