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40+ Marvel-Inspired Baby Boy Names for Your Little Superhero

Marvel baby names"
Marvel baby names
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

The Marvel universe is full of larger-than-life characters whose supernatural powers and courageous victories also present the perfect inspiration for a superhero-inspired baby name. There’s no doubt your baby boy is going to be born into this world radiating all kinds of magic and will grow up harnessing their unique gifts. So as you anticipate his arrival and the special journey he’s destined to take in his lifetime, why not set him up with a name associated with some of the most famed superheroes around?  

Whether it’s their bravery, grit, tenacity, bold spirit, heart for good, or any of their epic superpowers, each Marvel character carries a treasured story just like your baby will. If you decide to choose one of these characters’ names, it can be a fun anecdote to share with your son as he grows up. While your little one will no doubt grow up with his own heroic achievements, check out these 40+ Marvel-inspired baby boy names for your own little superhero. 


Baby Boy Names Inspired by Marvel Superheroes



Origin: Latin | Meaning: One or unity

Marvel Tie: As an expert field agent, Ace is integral in defending the world from rogue super-humans, threatening conquerors, and interstellar invaders. He has provided heroic support to the Avengers and would be a hardy name for any baby boy.



Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Ground or earth

Marvel Tie: Adam Warlock is one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, ready to wipe out war, illness, and crime.



Origin: Old French | Meaning: Flag bearer

Marvel Tie: The last name of the Hulk’s human alter ego, Bruce Banner, is a bioscience genius with superhuman strength. Though he might be angry and rampages and clashes with others, he’s an example of trying to rise above it and channeling it into saving lives and aiding superheroes. What human isn’t complex?



Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Son of my right hand

Marvel Tie: Standing with the powerhouse elite of superheroes is Benjamin Grimm–AKA The Thing. As an essential member of the Fantastic Four, he uses his uber-strength to protect the world from evil. He may seem a bit scary and imposing in appearance, but he has a heart of gold.



Origin: Old French | Meaning: Flesh of a muscular part of the body

Marvel Tie: Brawn is the hero alter ego of Amadeus Cho, who is extremely intelligent. In his superhero form, he succeeds through both his intellect and his strength to solve problems and protect others. Brains and strength? Your baby boy will have the whole package with this namesake!



Origin: British | Meaning: Willowlands

Marvel Tie: The other half to Hulk-influenced names, Bruce is the Hulk’s human ego’s first name. So if you’re looking to bestow a superhero name alongside one with earthly connotations–Bruce means of the brushwood, woods, or willowlands–this would be it.



Origin: Latin, French | Meaning: Little bald one

Marvel Tie: Mimic–whose human name is Calvin–is a superhero who became a leader of the original X-Men. As his name suggests, he has the ability to mimic the superpowers of those around him. He can even use several of them simultaneously! 



Origin: German | Meaning: Free man

Marvel Tie: Let’s forget the fact that Absorbing Man–Carl “Crusher” Creel–is a superhero’s foe for a moment, and appreciate the fact that he has the fascinating ability to absorb any material’s properties and be transformed into it. We know your little one will be a hero, not a villain, so consider this name a chance for Absorbing Man’s redemption!



Origin: Greek | Meaning: Bearing Christ

Marvel Tie: Chris Bradley’s superhero alter ego is Maverick, whose extraordinary ability to generate and control electricity rendered him a valuable member of the X-Men team.



Origin: German (from ‘Carl’) | Meaning: Free man

Marvel Tie: Besides his remarkable search and rescue operations, Charles Francis Xavier, also known as Professor X, is famous for having been the original founder of the X-Men. 


Clint (Clinton)

Origin: English | Meaning: Town on a hill

Marvel Tie: No one can quite hit their mark like special agent Hawkeye–aka Clint Barton. In addition to his expert archery and martial arts skills, he is a central member of the Avengers and their superheroic feats.



Danny (Daniel)

Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: God is my judge

Marvel Tie: Danny Rand is well-known for being Iron Fist, a masterful martial arts hero who uses his combat and defense abilities to protect others.



Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Yahweh is my God

Marvel Tie: With a lineage that includes his grandfather, Captain America, Elijah “Eli” Bradley is the superhero Patriot. His blood flows with the infusion of Super-Soldier serum, which enhances one’s superhero abilities, and has supported his admirable strength and endurance. 



Origin: Old Norse | Meaning: Forever ruler

Marvel Tie: Human-vampire superhero Blade’s human name is Eric Brooks. Rather than terrorize humanity with blood-thirsty desire, Blade heroically hunts, fights, and destroys vampires and other monsters who prey on humanity. 



Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: God is my strength

Marvel Tie: Gabriel is the human first name given to Air-Walker, who possesses unique cosmic powers that have aided him in flight, superior strength, and peacekeeping missions with the Marvel universe’s intergalactic military and police force. 



Origin: English | Meaning: God is gracious

Marvel Tie: Jack is doubly significant in the Marvel universe. Not only is it the human name of Nomad, who is the famed partner of Captain America, but it is also connected to Union Jack, a hero who goes above and beyond to preserve justice and freedom. 



Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Supplanter, replacing something else

Marvel Tie: James is the human name given to three different Marvel characters—Wolverine, Batwing, and Solo. Wolverine is a ferocious fighter who can heal any injury with amazing speed, Batwing is a companion of Spider-Man, and Solo has worked with superheroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and the Hulk to stop villainous opponents. 



Origin: Greek | Meaning: Healer

Marvel Tie: Jason Strongbow is American Eagle, who is known for his champion efforts to defend lands sacred to the Navajo Indians, as well as his overall protection of Native American rights and their cultural heritage.  


Johnny (Jonathan)

Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: God’s gift, God has given

Marvel Tie: Johnny Storm is the Human Torch, an outgoing adventurer with unwavering energy who can literally transform into a torch of flames to wield his power. He is also one of the founders of the Fantastic Four. 



Origin: Irish | Meaning: Handsome

Marvel Tie: Morph—Kevin MacTaggert—is a member of X-Men who can do exactly what his name suggests: transform himself to imitate the appearance and persona of anyone and successfully infiltrate target forces. Kevin is also the human name of Thunderstrike, who uses enchanted mace and mystical awareness for heroic feats.  



Origin: German, Turkish | Meaning: Brave counsel; wolf

Marvel Tie: Besides his ability to teleport, Nightcrawler—Kurt Wagner—has amazing combat skills, endurance, speed and smarts. He is a valued member of the X-Men who can be depended on in battle.



Origin: Scottish, Irish | Meaning: Narrows, channel, strait

Marvel Tie: Kyle Richmond is known as Nighthawk, a superhero with athletic prowess and outfitted with high-tech accessories for gliding and flying. He is determined to overcome his shady past by fighting crime and preserving society’s well-being. 



Origin: Scottish | Meaning: Little hallow 

Marvel Tie: Logan is the other significant name associated with Wolverine, the unstoppable hero who can claw his way through anything and overcome his dangerous instincts to be a force for good.



Origin: Latin, Greek | Meaning: Bright, shining

Marvel Tie: Lucas Bishop, who goes by Bishop, is a tough-spirited time traveler with the power to save the Marvel timeline from being manipulated. There is also Luke Cage, whose human last name is Lucas, who uses his unbreakable skin and phenomenal strength to maintain order on the streets.




Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Gift of God

Marvel Tie: Matt Murdock—Daredevil—may be blind, but it has heightened all of his other senses, like sonar-strong hearing abilities and hyper-perceptive recognition of his surroundings. He is a skilled defense attorney fighting for justice by day and the talented acrobatic Daredevil who defends it by night. 



Origin: Latin | Meaning: Of Mars, warlike

Marvel Tie: It seems fitting to consider this name, given that it is held by the very superhero himself who founded Marvel Comics. With Latin origins that signify being derived “of Mars,” which refers to the Roman god of war, Martin is definitely a strong and brave choice. 



Origin: Latin | Meaning: Greatest

Marvel Tie: Max Eisenhardt is Magneto, a radical freedom fighter who can manipulate and give rise to magnetic fields. Though he is often depicted as an antihero, we can admire his determination to protect mutants against persecution and prove that they are not an inferior race—a resonant theme in our contemporary efforts to eliminate racism.



Origin: Latin | Meaning: Soldier

Marvel Tie: No list of superhero names would be complete without Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of a new generation whose youthful ambition, spider-like reflexes, and venom blasts are just some of the many captivating aspects of this beloved hero. 


Nick (Nicholas)

Origin: Greek | Meaning: Victory of the people

Marvel Tie: Nick Fury is one of the most iconic super-spies in the world. He is a tactical genius with impressive fighting skills who can be trusted to protect the planet from a range of threats. 



Origin: Latin, Roman | Meaning: Noble, nobleman

Marvel Tie: Patrick is the Yankee Clipper, and is a stellar athlete with an engineering degree. Possessing stamina of body and mind, he has been able to succeed in many daring and noble missions. 



Origin: Greek | Meaning: Rock, stone

Marvel Tie: Not only is Peter Parker the original Spider-Man, but Peter Quill is also the Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy. With a name like Peter, you’re crowning your baby boy with a legendary history of Marvel leadership and heroic achievement behind it!



Origin: Old English | Meaning: Park-keeper

Marvel Tie: You can also capture the magic of Spider-Man’s namesake by using his human last name, too!



Origin: Old English | Meaning: Red

Marvel Tie: Reed Richards goes by Mister Fantastic, the genius leader of the Fantastic Four who uses his unmatched brilliance and incredible flexible elasticity to make the world a better, more enlightened place.



Origin: German | Meaning: Hardy, strong ruler

Marvel Tie: Richard Rider is Nova, and with his domain as outer space he can travel with tremendous velocity for all kinds of cosmic adventuring, including preserving justice and fearlessly seeking out beings in need of his help.



Origin: Germanic | Meaning: Bright fame, shining glory

Marvel Tie: Robert is a name associated with Marvel Boy, Whizzer, and Rocket Racer. Considered together, they are speedy both mentally—Marvel Boy has a flair for telepathy and a level of genius that transcends anything we humans can appreciate—and physically. Whizzer is super swift with sharp reflexes to crush supervillains, while Rocket Racer is a technical mastermind who created his enviable rocket-powered skateboard. 



Origin: Irish | Meaning: Little king

Marvel Tie: Since Black Panther—mighty king and exceptional protector—is indispensable to the glory of the Marvel universe, you might consider naming your baby boy after Ryan Coogler, who captivated us all by bringing this superhero to life on the big screen in 2018. 


Sam (Samuel)

Origin: Hebrew | Meaning: Name of God, asked of God

Marvel Tie: When Sam Wilson steps into his famed Falcon flying suit, he is able to soar to success and the defense of others in all kinds of aerial feats. Known for his brotherhood with Captain America, he ultimately becomes the new Captain America after Steve Rogers retires. 



Origin: Scottish | Meaning: From Scotland, wanderer

Marvel Tie: The name Scott is connected to Ant-Man, who can manipulate his size anywhere from that of an ant to gigantic proportions. He uses this power, alongside his expert intellect and ability to communicate with ants and other insects, during his superhero adventures. 



Origin: Greek | Meaning: Garland, crown

Marvel Tie: Steve Rogers is the original Captain America. Being a World War II hero and infused with Super-Soldier serum, he was able to rise in achievement and lead the Avengers, champion democratic ideals, and empower others with his superhuman strength.



Origin: Old Norse | Meaning: Thunder

Marvel Tie: One of the founders of the Avengers, Thor, is the God of Thunder. With that thunderous reputation comes an immortal warrior who bravely fights evil, conjures storms, and protects the sacred realms of Asgard and planet Earth.


Tony (Anthony)

Origin: Latin | Meaning: Priceless one, praiseworthy

Marvel Tie: Tony Stark—AKA Iron Man—is just one of those model superheroes: he’s an intelligent inventor and a billionaire, he backs humanitarian and charitable efforts to benefit society, and, of course, gallantly rocks his powered armor suit to save the world.



Origin: English | Meaning: Marshland

Marvel Tie: Vance Astrovik is the name connected to Justice and Major Victory, who are impressive for their psychokinesis ability—manipulating objects using the mind. Not only does Major Victory carry Captain America’s shield, but he is also a skilled combat pilot and a key figure in the formation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. 



Origin: English, French | Meaning: To guard; game park, animal enclosure

Marvel Tie: Warren Worthington III is Angel, is a core member of the original X-Men who has cultivated notable combat skills and bravery to ward off threats. His grand feathered wings help him triumph through the sky, where he can fly to victory. 

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