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40 Strong Scandinavian Baby Names for Your Little One

Source: @myjewishmommylife
Source: @myjewishmommylife

Are you set on a strong, memorable name for your future little one? Consider looking to the Scandinavian culture for baby name inspiration that is both powerful and beautiful in its simplicity.

The Scandinavian countries of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are famous for their functional design aesthetic with clean, minimal lines. The region is also known for its stunning natural beauty, dotted with fjords, mountains, and glimmering bodies of water. Bright and shimmering in the summer and dark and cold in the winter, the area is known for its concept of hygge, which is about finding coziness and contentment during those long, frigid months.

With their focus on minimalism, exquisite landscapes, and ability to find special joy during a tough season, the Scandinavians are the ideal culture to honor when bestowing a name upon your child. The area additionally is noteworthy for being the region of the Viking Age, bringing about vibes of strength and toughness in their names that became part of their legacy. In the modern day, the region is known for its strong social support for parents and education—an additional reason why these countries are the perfect inspiration when naming a future generation. Read on for 40 Scandinavian-inspired baby names we love.

Our Favorite Scandinavian Baby Names

A note on Scandinavian name pronunciations: the “J” represents a “Y” sound.  

Scandinavian Baby Girl Names


A Danish name meaning ‘God has favored me,’ this name has variations in other languages, such as Anya in Russia. 


A name with roots in many cultures, in Scandinavian countries it is the diminutive of the name Anna, which means ‘grace.’ 


A beautiful name that also means ‘divinely beautiful,’ this name is shared with Princess Astrid of Belgium and Princess Astrid of Sweden. 


The dahlia flower is named after the Swedish botanist Anders Dahl and the namesake sounds both regal and elegant.


The perfect name for a new addition to the world, this name means ‘bright one’ and is shared with well-known author Elin Hildebrand. 


A variation on the name above, this moniker is shared with tennis star Elina Svitolina. 


This is an old Norse name to represent the goddess of love and fertility.


A cute and classic name meaning ‘heroine,’ this name will grow with your daughter as she grows in her strength.


Short and aesthetically simple, this name means ‘mercy and favor.’ 


This classic name has its origins in old Norse culture, meaning ‘fair,’ and is based on the name Ingrior.   

Scandinavian Baby Names
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Another name with multiple origins, the Scandinavian version is spelled with a J and pronounced ‘Katya’ and means ‘pure.’


The Scandinavian spelling can evoke a baby’s heritage and means ‘follower of Christ.’


Another name with floral origins, this name honors Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus who created the modern system for classifying plants.


Short and sweet, this name has roots in the words for ‘protection.’


Perfect for a baby born in March, April, or May, this name honors the goddess of springtime.


Meaning ‘high tower,’ this pretty name is shared with actress Malin Akerman.  


The Scandinavian version of Mary, this simple name has many origins. In Norwegian it means ‘rebellious woman.’


Flowy and beautiful, this lovely floral name means ‘lily.’


Another aesthetically pleasing name with nature vibes, this moniker means ‘garden.’


Though this name is soft and sweet, it has the strong meaning of ‘prosperity and power’ for your girl.

Scandinavian Baby Boy Names


The Danish twist on the popular name Axel, Askel means ‘father of peace’ and is the perfect name for your son to grow into.


A sweet-sounding aesthetic, this name means ‘manly’ and ‘brave.’


A simple name with old Norse origins, this name is shared with Norwegian environmental philosopher Arne Naess and means ‘eagle.’ 


Traditionally a last name in the Scandinavian region, Boden has roots in Celtic origin meaning ‘blond,’ and is shared with the timeless UK clothing brand. 


A popular name, the K at the end gives the name a Scandinavian spelling–it’s shared with well-known Viking Erik the Red.  


If you’re looking for something that denotes strength, Gunnar both sounds fierce and has the meaning of ‘fighter.’


Meaning ‘God is gracious,’ this soft name is perfect for those who are strong in their faith. 


This means ‘lord of the house,’ and what could be better for the future king of your heart?

Scandinavian Baby Names
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Short and notable, this is a Scandinavian twist on the name John.  


This Scandinavian name has roots in Latin, meaning ‘crowned with laurel,’ and is shared with Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.


A slightly longer variation of the name Lars that literally means ‘son of Lars,’ this is perfect if you’re looking for something with an extra syllable. 


A name with a strong Viking history—Leif Erikson was the son of Erik the Red and means ‘heir’ and is suitable for someone with a strong legacy to continue. 


Another short and notable moniker, this means ‘people of victory.’ 


This name calls back to the old Norse god of art, culture, and wisdom and also has the meanings of ‘frenzy’ and ‘excitement.’


If you’ve watched A Man Called Otto, starring Tom Hanks, and based on the book A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, you know this name is perfect based on the character’s deep love of his close circle.  


Though this name means ‘strict,’ it’s light, simple, and aesthetically pleasing and is shared with Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. 


Perfect for a new baby boy, this name means ‘crown’ and is a variation of the more common Steven. 


This old Norse name is based on the word meaning wanderer, making this a great choice for parents with wanderlust who want to pass that along to their son. 


The Norse god of battle is named Tyr, and this moniker means ‘stubborn.’


Short and noteworthy, this Nordic name means ‘hope.’