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50+ Quiet Luxury Baby Girl Names that Exude Sophistication

quiet luxury baby names"
quiet luxury baby names
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

If you’ve been a fan of the quiet luxury trend for a while now, you’re in good company. Or, if you’re hearing the term for the first time, you’re certainly not alone either. The intriguing concept is often characterized by an understated elegance that can be most appealing. While “luxury” in itself is a term we’ve grown to associate with pricy sports cars, adorned mansions, and exclusive resorts, quiet luxury gives a softer, sophisticated, almost more attainable spin on things.

Quiet luxury is often seen as synonymous with terms like classic and timeless—things that simply never go out of style. Think, the little black dress or red lipstick. Clearly, the term has made a name for itself in the fashion realm, but it can also place its gems in other aspects of our lives as well. That’s why we couldn’t help but bring this aesthetic that exudes sophistication and elegance into the world of baby names for girls.

The following baby names are exactly what you’d expect to fall under the quiet luxury umbrella. Some were once chart toppers but have since been brushed aside for modern spins. Many are as glamorous as you’d expect. And none will ever go out of style. Read on for 50+ quiet luxury baby names for girls.

Our Favorite Quiet Luxury Baby Names for Girls


This Greek name is the perfect dichotomy of soft and strong. With a highly historical feel, it is the feminine version of Alexander and means “defender of mankind.”


Inspired by arguably one of the best animated non-Disney movies and the House of Romanov—the imperial house of Russia from 1613 to 1917—is this elegant Russian title. It holds the meaning of “resurrection”—exactly what this nearly forgotten name deserves.


For a little baby girl who deserves all of your warm admiration, consider giving her this timeless French moniker meaning “highly praiseworthy.”


French names will be no stranger to this list, and we can’t get enough of this particularly lovely title meaning “helper to the priest.”


We all know and love the anglicized form of this name, Katherine. But there’s something extra sophisticated about the historic Italian variation that means “pure.”


For a name that is song-worthy, turn to Simon & Garfunkel for inspiration. This name that was popularized by their 1960s song is of Latin and English origin and means “blind.”


A name fit for a little one who’s as sweet as an orange, this highly feminine English name means “gentle” and “merciful.”


For a stylish twist on the popular Danielle, consider this Hebrew title. As the feminine version of Daniel, it holds the meaning of “God is my judge.”

quiet luxury baby names
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It doesn’t get much more luxurious than Versace. Give your little one the namesake of the Italian fashion designer with this name meaning “beautiful gift.”


For a highly Biblical and simply beautiful name, consider this feminized version of Emmanuel meaning “God with us.”


If you’re looking for something unique but not too out there, consider Francesca. The name is currently outside of the top 200 baby names but within the top 1,000. The beautiful Germanic and Italian title means “free man.”


Giovanni may be a fairly widely known name for boys, but the feminine version is just as appealing. Same as its masculine counterpart, the Italian name means “God is gracious.”


For a vintage name that hasn’t quite had the revival it deserves yet, consider this French title with a meaning that exudes old money: “estate ruler.” As a bonus, it’s easily shortened to sweet nicknames like Henri and Etta.


This Hebrew title shares a meaning with its masculine counterpart, Joseph, with “Jehovah increases.”


Arguably the most romantic name on our list, the title reminds us of Shakespeare’s most recognized work, Romeo & Juliet. The beautifully feminine Latin name means “youthful,” perfect for a sweet little girl.


While we may be more familiar with the more modern variation, Lillian, this Latin name dates back to the 16th century. Associated with the flower, the name refers to a “lily.”


For the new shining light in your life, give her this unique name of Latin origin meaning “light.”


Celebrate the face behind the latest Barbie craze by giving your little one the namesake of Margot Robbie. If that’s not reason enough to choose the moniker, we also happen to love that it has the French meaning of “pearl.”


Another charming French name is one that has ties to a poem written in 1859 by the poet Frédéric Mistral, Mirèio. With meanings as lovely as you’d expect, it refers to “wonderful,” “peaceful,” and “prosperous.”


This name, with ties back to the Roman Empire, is not reserved for a family of eight, even though it holds the meaning of “eighth.”

quiet luxury baby names for girls
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A more luxurious name likely doesn’t exist than this feminine French and German title meaning “wealthy.”


Originally a surname, this highly unique moniker is a perfect choice for parents with an affinity for Italy. The name of French and English origins means “citizen of Rome.”


If you’ve always loved the name Sarah but are looking for something that’s a bit more unique, consider Seraphina. Of Hebrew origins, the title refers to the highest-ranking angels of God and means “burning ones.”


The perfect combination of sweet and strong, the feminine derivative of Valentine is of Roman origins and means “strong” and “healthy.”


Colleen Hoover fans, look no further for the perfect name reminiscent of the celebrated author and a luxe life. Meaning “truth,” the Latin name ties back to a Protestant tradition of naming children after desired virtues.


Add a glamorous spin on the sweet name Violet with this historic variation. The Italian name has ties to William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and holds the lovely meaning of “little flower.”

More Quiet Luxury Baby Names for Girls

  • Angelica 
  • Annabelle
  • Beatrice
  • Caroline
  • Charlotte 
  • Cordelia 
  • Eleanor
  • Elizabeth 
  • Eloise
  • Emmeline 
  • Evelyn
  • Fredrica 
  • Gwendolyn 
  • Isabella 
  • Louisa 
  • Madeline 
  • Ophelia
  • Pearl
  • Penelope 
  • Rebecca
  • Rosalind
  • Silvia
  • Sofia
  • Tabitha
  • Victoria
  • Violetta
  • Virginia
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