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Dearest Reader, Enjoy These 35 ‘Bridgerton’ Inspired Baby Names

Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Dearest Readers,

Breaking news from the Ton: The social season is forthcoming once again! We hope you hold as much excitement as we do for the arrival of season three of our most beloved series, Bridgerton. We anxiously await more illustrious debutantes, late-night soirées, and a charming rake or two. While the exact timing has yet to be disclosed, we expect that as the autumnal leaves begin their perennial descent, thus will mark this most delightful occasion. 

For anyone excitedly awaiting the arrival of their own heir, we know of no better source to draw inspiration from than this most distinguished series. We know you are sure to find your very own diamond among this list of Bridgerton baby names. 


Bridgerton Baby Names

It is with great honor that we present to you today all of the inspiration you could possibly dream of. Forge on, dear reader, for 35 of our favorite Bridgerton baby names. 



‘Bridgerton’ Baby Girl Names


Many of us were hooked on the series after watching Simon and Daphne unexpectedly fall in love in season one. While in the Netflix series, we’re introduced to their first child as a boy named Augie, the book series introduces their first child as a girl named Amelia. From this, we can assume that in both cases they followed in Daphne’s parent’s footsteps of naming their children in alphabetical order. 



While we know her affectionately as spunky Lady Danbury, she also holds the lovely first name of Agatha. The name of Greek origin means ‘honorable,’ and was a popular choice in the early 20th century. 



The second child of Simon and Daphne, following alphabetical suite, is this beautiful name meaning ‘pretty one.’ We can’t think of a more fitting name for a young miss. 



The third of Simon and Daphne’s five children in the book series is another girl. The beautiful name means ‘beloved and valuable,’ which we know will be exactly what your dearest daughter will mean to you. 



We know we weren’t the only ones who couldn’t watch Queen Charlotte fast enough. The tale of the young queen’s marriage to King George tugged on our heart strings in the best way. This name has gained significant momentum in recent years as a top baby girl name choice, and we don’t expect to see that change anytime soon. 



Of course, the feminine protagonist we hold such affection for from season one had to be included on this Bridgerton baby names list. Meaning ‘laurel tree,’ this highly feminine name is certainly fit for a diamond. 



We simply must draw inspiration from the one who the Queen dubbed season two’s diamond—Miss Edwina Sharma. Though she ultimately may not have won Anthony’s heart, a little girl with this name meaning ‘prosperous friend’ is sure to win the heart of anyone. 



If there’s a future season we’re especially looking forward to it’s that of Eloise. The fifth Bridgerton sibling holds this title meaning ‘famous warrior,’ which we believe is quite fitting for a girl with so much spunk.



You may know her as Bridgerton sibling number six, especially if you read the book When He Was Wicked. Simply meaning ‘free,’ this Italian name will ensure a little girl grows up to have a carefree spirit. 



A character that’s easy to love is the most popular modiste in the Ton. The feminine and beautiful French name meaning ‘woman of the family’ and ‘of the race of women.’




The baby of the family is none other than Hyacinth. Sharing a title with the flowering perennial, this floral name fittingly holds the meaning of ‘the flower.’



Where wouldst thou be without the author herself? The Bridgerton book series was written by none other than Julia Quinn. She crafted some of our favorite love stories, so it’s only right to draw inspiration from the mastermind herself. 



We fell in love with Anthony’s season two love interest almost as quickly as you’ll fall in love with your little girl of this name. It’s no wonder why Anthony’s heart, the most curious of instruments, was captured by someone holding this name meaning ‘pure.’



Straight ‘from the sea’ is this nautical name we grew to love in season one. We can only hope to see more of this complex character as the show goes on. 



Why not take the name of Lady Whistledown herself? Penelope is an adorably trending name that means “weaver” and gives a nod to one of our favorite—and most crucial—Bridgerton characters.



While she may be one of the more unlikeable characters in the show, Philippa Featherington, her name certainly is not. Equestrians can appreciate this feminine version of the name Philip, uniquely meaning ‘love of horses.’



The head Featherington can be seen as the original Kris Jenner, naming all of her daughters with the same first letter as her name. With names like these, can we really blame her, though? The name has been seen as a symbol of wealth, beauty, and brilliance. 



Prudence Featherington also might not be a favorite character, but we can’t help but to love this strong name. Of Latin origin meaning ‘caution’ or ‘discretion,’ this name has started to make a small revival in recent years. 



You may remember her from season one as the character who deserved more. Siena Rosso was the stunning opera singer who held Anthony’s affection for a time. From Italian origin, this name both relates to the historical Tuscan city and means ‘reddish brown.’ 



Word in the Ton is that season three will bring in a handful of new characters, one being Lady Tilley Arnold. While often used as a nickname for Matilda, the name itself also holds the meaning of ‘battle-mighty.’ 



We of course had to include the matriarch of the family and original Viscountess. The highly feminine name appropriately means ‘purple.’



‘Bridgerton’ Baby Boy Names



Season two of Bridgerton is all about the family’s firstborn son. While we do fancy the title of Lord Bridgerton, this classic Latin name meaning ‘priceless one’ feels more fitting for a little boy. 



While the Netflix series may have skipped Benedict’s season for the time being, the third book in the series focuses on the complicated second sibling. Though we haven’t seen him in the spotlight yet, viewers have grown to adore him. This name dates back to the sixth century, and holds the meaning of ‘blessed.’ 



We all know season 3’s sibling focus has become an expert in the art of the swoon. The Gaelic name of the third Bridgerton sibling means ‘cub’ or ‘pup.’



Seen in the book series as Daphne and Simon’s first son and fourth child is David Bassett. A classic name with Biblical ties, David has been a highly popular masculine name choice since as early as the 1880’s and beyond.  



Viewers were shown the tragic demise of the Bridgerton patriarch during season two. The dashing Viscount fittingly held this name meaning ‘wealthy protector.’



Bridgerton may be the ultimate source for all things classic baby names—like this name held by Simon and Daphne’s fifth child. Coming from two Old English words, the masculine name means ‘wealthy guard.’




We were grateful to get to know more about King George in the Queen Charlotte series, and had to include this classic option on our Bridgerton baby names list. As one of the oldest names on our list, it’s no surprise that this title meaning ‘earth worker’ has always been a popular option.



Viewers of the Netflix series know little so far about the youngest Bridgerton son Gregory, but readers may remember him from the 8th book in the series, On the Way to the Wedding. The strong name means ‘watchful’ and ‘vigilant.’



Henry Granville is a distinguished London artist who captures the attention of Benedict in season one. Fitting for a Lord, this name means ‘house ruler.’



Watching Queen Charlotte gave us a glimpse into the life young Lady Danbury and into her marriage with Lord Herman—for better or for worse. This name with a brave connotation means ‘army man.’ 



Rumors are floating around in several social circles that season three will bring a new charismatic character known as Marcus Anderson played by British actor Daniel Francis. We already know he will be a beloved addition and a great option for baby name inspiration.



The surname of the series author is a great option meaning ‘wise’ or ‘reason.’ This also happens to be a great gender-neutral baby name to consider for either a boy or a girl. 



Also affectionately known as Your Grace. There’s no denying the dashing Duke of Hastings, the rakish Simon Basset, nudged this vintage name back into the public eye after Season 1. 



Just when we thought no one would ever pique Eloise’s interest, we were introduced to print shop worker, Theo Sharpe. The snappy name means ‘God’s gift,’ and also happens to make for a great middle name option.

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