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Our Favorite French-Inspired Baby Names

Source: Busy Puzzle | Etsy
Source: Busy Puzzle | Etsy

Struggling to dream up the perfect name for your little one? Take a cue from the French—those ultra sophisticates—and choose a baby name that’s elegant, timeless, and undeniably cool. With celestial roots, literary ties, and everything in between, our favorite French baby names offer something for every parent seeking a sweet moniker for their new “bébé.”

Read on for our favorite French-inspired baby names that are perfect for your newest family member.


French Names for Baby Boys



Meaning: A French play on the Latin Julius, Jules means “youthful, soft, and downy,” according to Nameberry.

Similar Names: Julian, Julius, Giuliano



Meaning: Pronounced “oh-live-ee-aye,” this variation of the popular Oliver means “olive tree.”

Similar Names: Oliver, Ollie, Olavi



Meaning: Pronounced “loo-EE,” this beloved French name carries a quiet strength. It means “renowned warrior.”

Similar Names: The Americanized Louis (loo-is), Louie, Lou



Meaning: The French version of the classic Andrew, Andre is a classic pick that means “strong and manly.”

Similar Names: Andrew, Adrien



Meaning: Pronounced “ahn-ree,” this traditional name is a close cousin to the American Henry. It means “estate ruler.”

Similar Names: Henry, Henrik




Meaning: A nickname to the ever-popular Sebastian, Bastian has character enough to also stand on its own.

Similar Names: Sebastian, Seb, Baz



Meaning: A French spelling of the well-known Matthew, Matthieu means “gift of god.”

Similar Names: Matthew, Mathias



Meaning: Think beyond Ross’ pet monkey in Friends. In France, this darling name means “little warrior.”

Similar Names: Marcellus, Marcus



Meaning: An adorable name choice, Remi means “oarsman.”

Similar Names: Remy, Remington


French Names for Baby Girls



Meaning: Pronounced “ahn-a-eese,” this beautiful name is impossible to separate from the French essayist and novelist Anais Nin. This beloved moniker means “grace.”

Similar Names: Anna, Anya, Anastasia



Meaning: A popular pick throughout the country, Camille means “young ceremonial attendant.”

Similar Names: Camilla



Meaning: A French version of the lovely Celeste, the names share a celestial meaning: “heavenly.”

Similar Names: Selena, Celeste



Meaning: Pronounced “ez-may,” this darling name means “beloved.” Esme may also be used as a sweet diminutive of the longer Esmerelda.

Similar Names: Esmae



Meaning: Nudged into the global spotlight by its British namesake, Adele has long been a beloved name in France. The name means “noble.”

Similar Names: Adelaide, Adela, Ada




Meaning: Meaning “little Julia,” this well-known moniker has endless notable namesakes, from one-half of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers to Lupin‘s mysterious do-gooder to a classic Gossip Girl troublemaker and beyond.

Similar Names: Juliet, Julia, Jules



Meaning: It’s tough to consider Sabine (pronounced Sah-been) without bringing to mind Milan Kundera’s effortlessly cool artist in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. 

Similar Names: Sabina, Sabrina



Meaning: Meaning “pledge,” this moniker was popularized by supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Similar Names: Giselle



Meaning: A French form of Vivian, this classic simply means “life.”

Similar Names: Viviana, Vivi, Viv



Meaning: A main character in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Cosette is a French name that means “little thing.”

Similar Names: Colette

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