The Teething Hack I Rely on to Keep My Baby Happy and Comfortable

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I’ve finally found The One. And by that, I mean The One method for soothing a teething baby that I swear by over all the other methods in the sea. Because truly, there is an endless sea of tips, tricks, products, and recommendations out there to swim through when it comes to teething—and most of them don’t work. Which is why teething is the worst.

I don’t know exactly what it feels like, but my imagination takes me back to the pain of getting my braces tightened during my middle school years. My teeth and gums ache just thinking about that.

And why does it seem like just when you and your baby settle into a solid sleep schedule, her first tooth decides to bust onto the scene? I can’t answer that, but what I can say is that after making it through that sea of teething tricks, I’ve finally found the one: an ice mold.

I fill it with water—sometimes fruit too—and keep it in the freezer at all times. When I give it to my 1-year-old, the cold, icy relief on her teeth and gums is instant. While it is a little messier than some other methods, I’ll gladly clean up a few water drops on the floor in exchange for a happy, comfortable baby.

Bonus: my popsicle-obsessed 3-year-old also loves eating “icicles,” and I have one less battle to fight when it comes to limiting sugar intake from frozen treats. Everybody wins.

If you’re ready for a teething game-changer, check out some of these ice molds below.

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